May 20, 2024


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Superwilson Sell Toys @ Amcorp Mall Flea Market

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Today marked the first time I shared a stall in Amcorp Mall’s Flea Market to clear off my toys for more space at home. Well, firstly thanks KC and Chris (below) for helping me.

For those who didn’t know about my toys collections, I do have a humble collection of toys. You can check out my toys collections blog HERE or at

I met a lot of toys collectors who were shocked to see me. After missing in action for months, it was really happy to meet them.


I didn’t bring much toys to sell today. Today mainly trying to learn and survey what to sell. Will bring more next time around. My next round will be at September 6th. I will bring more vintage toys to sell.

Next weekend, I will be at Kuching for a short trip. It will be my first visit to Kuching, getting very excited about it.

More traveling pictures will come soon, and also food outings with friends and fellow bloggers. Please do look out for places like Cherating and also Bali. And also thank you for lovely people who invited me for the food reviews this week, I will post the reviews in upcoming weeks.

Thanks for reading, and good night!

0 thoughts on “Superwilson Sell Toys @ Amcorp Mall Flea Market

  1. bbo: cannot la! i sell toys only…

    taufulou: u must come and buy a few

    pureglutton: yeah, i was on TV3 once…

    ai wei: yeah, and other few collections

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