January 29, 2023

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Bat Cave at Langkawi, MALAYSIA

Often when we talk about bat cave, the first thing that comes to our mind is Batman. Well, it is true that Batman has a bat cave. However, our country Malaysia also have our version of bat cave.

Located in Langkawi, the bat cave tour is usually packaged under the mangrove tour. Tour prices varies depending on how many person per boat and what type of boat hired. What I can say is we got ourselves quite a sweet deal. This was dated back in October last year.

Platforms were built towards the cave in the middle of the mangrove jungle.

Inside the cave was total darkness. When I flashed my camera, I realized there were lots of bats on the ceiling of the cave. Its kinda creepy though.

Even it looks like droppings, trust me they were bats.

The bat cave tour was included in the mangrove tour like I mentioned as the above. Most hotels have the information about the mangrove tour and other local tours.

Malaysia Truly Asia….

How to go to Bat cave in Langkawi, MALAYSIA:

Most of the mangrove tour in Langkawi includes Bat Cave tour. Prices vary depending on the size of the boat.

6 thoughts on “Bat Cave at Langkawi, MALAYSIA

  1. nice nice. i din have chance to take any cave and island visit on my last trip. btw, i love the cable car ride in langkawi!

  2. I remember this!! we the sua-koo went in with super low expectations of the bat cave… went in n didn't see any bats n we went, oh well, typical malaysian lore. suddenly someone had this brilliant idea of taking a photo in the cave n we saw this huge blanket of bats covering the cave walls,top, everywhere! quite a shock to see so many bats ! instinct is to run!! bat droppings alert kicked in! but nah, no droppings =)

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