February 24, 2024


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There’s one food season that’s well forgotten by most Malaysians. The Ramadhan season! During the Ramadhan fasting period, there are many Ramadhan food stalls in KL sell foods like ayam percik, murtabak and such. And only during Ramadhan, this food stalls had the permit to sell at the designated areas. I went to the Ramadhan food stalls in Pandan Jaya, Cheras lately.


It’s a one year once affair. No way I’m going to miss Ramadhan foods this time around.


Ayam percik!!


Ayam percik at RM 3.50 each. Geez, price increased this year. It used to be RM 3 or RM 2.50 (depending on area). Look at the chicken covered by the “kuah” (gravy).


Murtabak ayam and murtabak daging (beef).


Ooo… check it out! Hand made! RM 2.00 each!

Overall, the ayam percik was smaller in size. The “kuah” was good to me, not really to spicy. For RM 3.50, it’s slightly expensive though. The murtabak was slightly better but price also inflated to RM 2.00. Foods were okay, good for buka puasa, nothing impressive though.

I guess the economy downturn hits the traders as well. Prices increased and portion is much smaller.

There’s quite a number of stalls around the area. Enjoy! “Selamat Berbuka Puasa!”

Malaysia Truly Asia!

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0 thoughts on “Ramadhan Food Stalls @ Pandan Jaya

  1. I've been staying away from bazaars these few years. for I find the food repetitive, and boring.
    or at least in Ipoh though.

  2. Ramadan Bazaars is a yearly event that u can find all the Malay food in one place. For others who love Malay Food.

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