June 6, 2023

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We Are Spotted In Red Tomato, Malaysia’s Free Chinese Newspaper

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Yeah, we are spotted at the latest edition of Red Tomato, Malaysia’s first free Chinese newspaper. It was our best wishes for the country for this year’s Merdeka day (Independence Day).

Well, I didn’t say something like ….”I believe in World Peace…” Nope, that’s not me!

I quoted something like…. “I would hope 1Malaysia will be a reality one day rather than just singing the 1Malaysia song. I hope for a better future in Malaysia with race harmony. I would also like to introduce Malaysia through my lenses and my blog.”

Rachel quoted something different though – “I hope for political stability as lately it has given our country a bad image. Furthermore, I also hope for a quicker economy recovery and higher standard of quality of living. Malaysians are migrating to other country due to high crime rates and the safety issues lately. I hope the government will make this country a safer place to stay.
Thus, I will also try to promote the our country’s multi-racial culture to the world through my blog.”

Rachel made a longer comment, didn’t know she wanted so many things.

We wished the country could perform much better in economy, political stability and safety issues.

Happy Merdeka Malaysia!

Malaysia Truly Asia!

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