January 31, 2023

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We Stumbled Across Pantai Kemasik @ Terengganu

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We had a holiday in Cherating way back in June. Yaay! It was our second time in Cherating.

At one of the days, we decided to drive to Kuala Terengganu. On the way, we stumbled across Pantai Kemasik.

It’s still under renovation at that time, but curious us went in to have a peek.

It was a lovely day…

The sand was not that smooth but the beach looked good!

Rachel happily camwhoring!

We rest there for a while before we “U-turn” back to Cherating. Kuala Terengganu road trip attempt FAILED! …but we still loved the beach!

2 thoughts on “We Stumbled Across Pantai Kemasik @ Terengganu

  1. wow! I read somewhere . . . mentioned that you are now a celebrity foodie . . .walio, congrats! 😉

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