February 5, 2023

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My Younger Brother, Chun Seong Is On The Cover of The Star Mag Variety Today!

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My Younger Brother, Chun Seong Is On The Cover of The Star Mag Variety Today!

A dream inspired by movies, animations and anime. This is the story of my younger who has no natural talent of art (unlike our father) and becomes of one of the 3D modelers in Hollywood’s film industry. I never knew art can be learnt and thanks to One Academy, he transformed to an artist and this proves hard work and dedication can crave your own future.

After graduating at One Academy, he took a bold step in pursuing his Masters at Savannah College of Art in Georgia. When he graduated, it took him months to land him a part time role in a popular visual effects company in Los Angeles, Hydraulx. He managed to catch the attention of the studio from the hundreds of applicants just for a job of a part timer. This is how difficult and how tough the visual effects industry in America.

Starting a new life in Los Angeles is never easy but with his new group of colleague turns friends, he is enjoying his life living his dream with his friends. His workplace becomes his studio in creating 3D models for Hollywood movies.

With the guidance of his friends, he can only gets better and better. In a few years, his work can be seen in movies such as 2012, Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Wanted, Meet Dave, Wolverine, Aliens vs Predators 2, the Hulk, The day that the world stood still and many.

His inspiring story caught the attention of the local media, namely The Star and for the first time in my family, my younger brother featured on the cover of Star Variety today. He was previously featured too in KLUE Magazine as well, read more HERE.

Well, today he made our family proud.  It is a great story about him and I teared up reading it.

That’s my younger brother, Chun Seong.

In life, there is no short cut to success. Some might be lucky to make it there but many might need to work hard and smart to reach their goals. One thing for sure, you need to have the determination and courage to live your dreams.

There are no dreams too far to reach if you doesn’t try hard enough.

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    Sorry, forgot to add great post! Can’t wait to see your next post!

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