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Behind the Scenes of KLIA Ekspres: The Fastest and Greenest Way to KLIA

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Behind the Scenes of KLIA Ekspres: The Fastest and Greenest Way to KLIA

I always plan ahead my journey to KLIA, I loved being early at KLIA, checked in and book my preferred seating in the plane. When I’m travelling alone or with wife, Rachel, no mistake we would take the KLIA Ekspres.

A passenger getting into the check in counters with the purchased KLIA Ekspres ticket

The spacious and convenient KLIA Ekspres check in counters

I was invited to travel with KLIA Ekspres with style. Together with blogger Josh Lim, gorgeous Hanie Hidayah and Missy Cheerio and bubbly Mynjayz, we were given an in depth experience of the back scenes of KLIA Ekspres.

Dedicated Visa Wave Lane

The Greenest Way to KLIA: KLIA Ekspres

Few reasons I often travelled with KLIA Ekspres. It is cheaper than taking a taxi, its only RM 35 per person one dway, a taxi would cost me at least RM 70-80 from my home. It is the fastest way to KLIA, no matter how you argue about this, KLIA Ekspres took exactly approx 28 minutes to reach KLIA. Why would someone bother speeding to KLIA with potential traffic summons and also risking the lives in the car when traveling with KLIA Ekspres. is much easier? Check in from KL Sentral (also known as KL City Air Terminal) and the next thing you know, you will be in KLIA! The best part is you can check in at KLIA Ekspres counters at KL Sentral. Rather than queuing up in KLIA, just purchase theKLIA Ekspres. ticket and check in on the spot! Boarding pass will be issued in KL Sentral. It means, you can have the luxury of time when you check in at KL Sentral and take your time to shop around within the Duty Free area at KLIA. However currently only 4 airlines are collaborating with KLIA Express for the easy check in system;

Malaysian Airlines (MH), Cathay Pacific (CX), Emirates Air (EK) and Brunei Airlines (BI)
There will be more airlines participating in the near future.
There’s a question that I always wanted ask the representatives of KLIA Ekspres. How safe is our baggage in their possession?


0 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of KLIA Ekspres: The Fastest and Greenest Way to KLIA

  1. i heard so much positive comments about their services but have never gotten a chance to take the express. perhaps next time then 😉

  2. The comments for using the KLIA Ekspress to KLIA airport is true and valide. It is convenient, it is fast, etc. However, please avoid taking KLIA Ekspress on your return journey to KL SEntral unless you have a pick up service ready to pick you up from KL Sentral to your final destination.

    I arrived at 6.15pm yesterday. Every counter has a signed up that there were no taxis. Reason: Taxi driver busy with buka puasa and the non muslim not willing to beat the traffic jam. The earliest available taxi is at 8pm.

    So, don’t take KLIA Ekspress on your return journey to KL. You will be stranded in KL Sentral


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