March 24, 2023

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Behind the Scenes of KLIA Ekspres: The Fastest and Greenest Way to KLIA

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KL Sentral Baggage Holding Area

To answer that question, they allowed us to go in to have a look how their check in baggage system.

As the conveyor belt pulls the baggage in, the staffs will scan the barcode and put into the storage and double checking the barcodes.

Then, they put place the luggage storages with the train to KLIA in a special compartment on the train. Get it?

No Mistakes Allowed: Every Single Barcode is checked properly

We proceed to board the KLIA Ekspres. next to KLIA. Though the trains had been running for more than 10 years, they are still in good condition and well maintain. Equipped with LCD TV and also areas to put hand carry bags, the train is comfortable and cooling.

Beautiful Interior of the KLIA Ekspres Train

On board, we can see places that we never seen before, across the Cyberjaya and the beautiful Putrajaya.

The train with up to 160 km/h, we reached KLIA in exactly. 28 min. So far the accuracy rate is over 99.7% over the years, so no worries for lateness and punctuality.

Ellie is enjoying her ride.

Hanie in deep thinking?

Josh Lim couldn’t believe his eyes, the view was outstanding

Mynjayz in the train

Before even I noticed, we reached KLIA!

Upon arriving KLIA, the baggage then removed from the train onto the conveyor belt to the KLIA baggage handling area manually. Again barcode is scanned individually and baggage storage will be emptied to send it back to KL Sentral.

Unloading the baggage from KL Sentral

Checking bar code of the luggage

Arriving in KLIA gave me a feeling to fly again. We were then brought into the duty free area to check out the KLIA Ekspres counter inside the duty free area.

KLIA Ekspres Counter with the KLIA Duty Free Area

For passengers arriving KLIA, there are designated KLIA Ekspres booths for ticket sale. Just proceeds to the counter get the ticket and take the lift to the lowest floor to board the train. It’s only RM 35 one way!

Beautiful Model of KLIA Ekspres Train

Thank you  KLIA Ekspres for inviting me and the opportunities to learn more about their services.

I’ve become their fan on facebook. Why don’t you? You will be updated on their latest promotions and offers that they have. Check out and

6 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of KLIA Ekspres: The Fastest and Greenest Way to KLIA

  1. i heard so much positive comments about their services but have never gotten a chance to take the express. perhaps next time then 😉

  2. The comments for using the KLIA Ekspress to KLIA airport is true and valide. It is convenient, it is fast, etc. However, please avoid taking KLIA Ekspress on your return journey to KL SEntral unless you have a pick up service ready to pick you up from KL Sentral to your final destination.

    I arrived at 6.15pm yesterday. Every counter has a signed up that there were no taxis. Reason: Taxi driver busy with buka puasa and the non muslim not willing to beat the traffic jam. The earliest available taxi is at 8pm.

    So, don’t take KLIA Ekspress on your return journey to KL. You will be stranded in KL Sentral


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