February 7, 2023

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Desserts at The Deep, Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania

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Desserts at The Deep, Constitution Dock, Hobart, Tasmania

If you are in Hobart, you definitely will visit Constitution Dock. Nicknamed as “Fish Market” of Hobart, Tasmania, there is a number of seafood restaurants parked in Constitution Dock. Well known for its seafood restaurants, I went there for a different reason. I went for desserts.

The time was in between lunch and dinner and I can’t stuff myself for another seafood feast. I opted for a simple dessert tea time with fellow Malaysian travelers, Rachel and Kenix.

The Deep is hidden with the seafood restaurants in Mures.

We went to The Deep is located inside Mures, The Lower Deck at Victoria Dock or Constitution Dock. I need some research and The Deep has amazing reviews on its desserts especially their ice creams.

I had the Oreo Cookies Ice Cream with a baby size of A$ 2 (RM 6 / US 2). A baby size in Australia is almost a large size in Malaysia. As expected the ice cream was creamy and heavenly with hints of crushed Oreo cookies.

The girls ordered the Carrot Cake with Spearmint Choc Ice Chips Cream for A$ 4.5 (RM 13.5 / US 4.5). All the cake slices came with either cream or ice cream. The carrot cake was soft while the Spearmint Choc Ice Cream was minty with hints of chocolate chips.

Lastly, how about a Pecan Pie with Caramel and Choc Chips Ice Cream? I can’t recall when the last time I had a Pecan Pie but it wasn’t as creamy and yummy as this one. The ice cream was indulged with caramel and hints of chocolate chips. This was A$ 4.5 (RM 13.5 / US 4.5).

We enjoyed ourselves inside a cool air conditioned café enjoying the breathtaking view of the dock and the ultimate blue sky. We loved this place, Constitution Dock in Hobart, Tasmania Australia. Love Tasmania!

The Deep, Constitution Dock Contact:

Email: [email protected]

Web: Mures.com.au

Hours of Operation for Mures Lower Deck:


Open 7 Days, Sunday to Thursday 7am – 9pm


Friday to Saturday 7am – 9.30pm



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