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Ipoh On York Review, Sydney Australia

If you are one of those who love to indulge authentic Ipoh food, you can read on. This is a hidden gem in Sydney. The restaurant is only 3 months old and the queue is getting longer by day during lunch hour. Well, this is Ipoh On York on Lower Ground 89th York Street.  Opened by Malaysian and cooked by Malaysians.
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There is no secret that I have insider information on this restaurant, thanks to my dearest cousin in Sydney. The Malaysian food craze in Sydney is not something new. The success of Mamak in Chinatown had created more just than awareness but the rigid fact that Malaysian food are delicious.
ipoh on york2
Back to Ipoh On York, they sell most of the originals from Malaysia. From Hainanese chicken rice to nasi lemak and not also forgetting our popular satays. But the most popular of all is their curry laksa. It is their cream of the crops.
ipoh on york3
I ordered the Chicken Laksa of A$ 9.50 (RM 33 / US 11).  I bet many Malaysians would complain about the pricing. Thus, you can’t compare the prices to the ones in Malaysia as it is a totally different ball game.
ipoh on york4
To be fair the Chicken Laksa comes with big portion. Rich with coconut milk and thick laksa paste, they were also generous with slices of chicken and tau fu pok (deep fried bean curd). Most notable ingredients missing are the bean sprouts and cockles.

I had a little chat with the chef and they told me it is near impossible to get fresh cockles. There are can cockles but the taste is incomparable with the fresh ones. I know where they come from.

Overall, the chicken laksa was as good as the ones in Malaysia. I dare to say it is better than some of the laksa stalls in Kuala Lumpur. It is just simply amazing to have the chance to savour authentic Malaysian food in Sydney. If you are looking for one like me, go Ipoh On York.

Ipoh On York Address, Tel, Contact, Map and Details:

LG, 89 York Street,

Sydney NSW 2000 Australia

Tel: +612 9299 0001

Fax: +612 9299 6889

Email: [email protected]

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