December 7, 2023


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Sukiya Restaurant Review Namba Osaka Japan

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Sukiya Restaurant Review Namba Osaka Japan

If you are like us taking the AirAsiaX flight to Kansai International Airport from LCCT Malaysia, you will reach there late. It takes another 40 min by car to reach Osaka and by that time, you will be hungry.
We checked in at Smile Hotel Namba and we asked the receptionist for restaurants and they were everywhere near the hotel. We chose Sukiya Restaurant for our supper.
On top of their attractive menu as I can’t read Japanese and Rachel can picked up a few Kanji (Chinese) words, the pricing in Sukiya Restaurant was attractive or cost effective.
I ordered the Rice with Stew Beef Bowl. Depending on sizes, the Rice with Stew Beef Bowl starts at 230 Yen (RM 10 / US 3.30) and the extra large size will cost at 610 Yen (RM 24 / US 8). I ordered the medium size at 380 Yen (RM 15 / US 5) and it was very reasonable considering the portion. Since I have explained the prices of the food in Sukiya, you might wonder isn’t food in Japan is expensive? Well, apparently it is not and cheaper than we expected.

Believe it or not, the Rice with Stew Beef Bowl is one of the best beef rice I had in the longest time I can remember. They were really generous with the beef and their special stew sauce was mouth-watering.
Then we ordered the Jade Green Onion Beef Bowl. This is 100 Yen more expensive than the usual because of the additional egg.
How to eat this? Crack the egg and let the raw egg infused with the Jade Green Onion Beef Bowl. Isn’t this reminds you of raw egg with Nato?
Well, the end result was scrumptious beef rice topped with fresh green spring onion with raw egg. This was tasteful and it was only 480 Yen ( RM 19 / US 8.30). We love their fresh crunchy jade green spring onion, we don’t think we have it here in Malaysia.
Lastly, we ordered the Japanese Curry Chicken rice. For those who indulged with Japanese curry, the Japanese curry has a very strong and distinctive curry fragrant. For 530 Yen ( RM 21 / US 7) we had one very enticing Japanese Curry Chicken Rice. I know my sister would love this as the curry was palatable.

Our first meal in Japan turned out to be more than we expected. Sukiya restaurant is a chain of restaurants and also a direct competitor to Yoshinoya as we were informed. Sukiya restaurants are almost everywhere in Kansai Japan. For more info you can check out their website (in Japanese) at

By the way green tea is Free Of Charge!



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