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Hat Yai Ice Dome Experience Thailand

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Update: 25/11/2016 Ice Dome Is Permanently Closed Since Early 2016

Hat Yai Ice Dome Experience Thailand

Many of us travel to Hat Yai for food, shopping, praying and massage. The city near the Malaysian border is usually packed with tourists from Malaysia and Singapore. However only a few of us went to the Hat Yai Ice Dome as many might not know or heard about it. Well, you should visit this place and I tell you why.

We heard so much about the ice carvings and the cold weather of Harbin China. Ice sculptors will create a city of ice structures in Harbin during winter every year. Thousands will flock to the icy cold city to experience the weather and the beauty of the ice structures.

What if you can see the similar ice structures in Thailand? Well, a few years ago Nakhon Hatyai Municipality jointly with the Tourism Authority of Thailand had this amazing idea of bringing more tourists to Hat Yai. They built the Hat Yai Ice Dome and they invited the ice sculptors of Harbin to sculpture the ice structures in the Ice Dome. For that, they have 3 amazing seasons of ice sculptures in Hat Yai Ice Dome since 2010. We were there for Season One and every year, they will have different season with different ice structures.

The entrance of the Hat Yai Ice Dome.
The creation of the Hat Yai Ice Dome is also due to the long lasting relationship for celebration of relationship between Thailand and China since 35 years. The dome is built on the area of 800 square meters in height of 8 meters under the temperature of minus 15 Celsius degree and 1 building in area of 900 square meters.

The entrance fee for the ice dome is 150 Baht (RM 15 / US 3) for Children and 300 Baht (RM 30/ US 10).  Please prepare some of the basic thick clothing (such as scarfs, long pants or jeans, shoes) if you intend to visit the ice dome as it will be very cold inside the dome (-15 degree Celsius).

The entrance fee is inclusive of basic winter clothing rental at the entrance of the ice dome. There are choices of colours and sizes and the staffs there were very helpful.

Hello China! The ice structure is infused with colours, this are not plastic!

The amazing thing about this place is the chilled (sudden drop of temperature) experience. The weather in Hat Yai is usually around 30 degree Celsius and it drops to -15 degree Celsius in the matter of minutes.

It was sure freezing inside, Rachel was shivering as she was wearing sandal. I had warn her.
Entering the dome like stepping into another world, we were amazed by the perfectly sculptured ice structures.

You can touch the ice but make sure with your glove on. 

The Japanese “gate” ice structure.

We were freezing but we had fun! Minus 15 degree Celsius in Hat Yai Thailand? Unbelievable.

The pictures taken are from 2011, Season one of Hat Yai Ice Dome. Now, they have different ice structures with different themes. 

On top of the usual chores in Hat Yai, you should consider Hat Yai Ice Dome for a visit. You can spend at least half an hour in the ice dome and it’s worth the experience and every single Baht spent. Remember to wrap your digital devices or keep it warm on the way out and stop using it for at least 20 to 30 minutes.

Where is Hat Yai Ice Dome?

It is located at the Park of Nakhon Hatyai Municipality, Kanchanawanich Road on the route of Hatyai – Songkhla (old route).

You can always hire a tuk-tuk or a taxi to go there or contact your hotel front desk for travel arrangements.

Hat Yai Ice Dome Address:

Thanon Karnjanavanit, Kho Hong, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110, Thailand

GPS: 7.04067, 100.50838

View Hat Yai Ice Dome in a larger map

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3 thoughts on “Hat Yai Ice Dome Experience Thailand

  1. Hi Hai Wei,

    Just wear thicker clothes will do. After writing this, I’m tempted to go to Hat Yai again.


  2. Have been going to Hatyai every year for Chinese New Year, pass by the Hatyai Municipality Park but never thought of going into Ice Dome. As never thought that it’s going to be interesting.

    But after i read thru your post decided that I HAVE TO visit it.

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