February 23, 2024


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Love as always from Down Under

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Love as always from Down Under

It was not the best day of my life. I have been having burning sensation under my throat and my stomach for the past few days. I went to see the doctor today and I’m on medication and fasting for one week.

Then, out of nowhere my old housemate in Australia decided to buzz me on MSN Messenger. I have not spoken with him almost two years and I have not seen him for more than 10 years. Chatting with him brought me back a lot of memories. Those are the unforgettable memories from both Wagga Wagga and Sydney. We had lots of fun especially staying together for my last semester in my university days. I used to cook for some of my housemates and those were the crazy times.
Love in Sydney
Recently, I was in Sydney for a short trip and I must thank Destination New South Wales for hosting me. There are always a lot of loves in Australia and I took this picture by chance in Sydney. I wish Rachel was there as we shared a lot of moments together there.

Sorry for not posting interesting stories for the past few days. Rachel and I have been really busy. On the next few posts, I will reveal the location of this picture and rest assured they will be amazing! Not forgetting that there will be a story on a Korean celebrity chef with the nickname, the “Asia’s Jamie Oliver”. Stay tuned!

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