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Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane First Class Pictures

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Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane First Class Pictures

Yes, we won the Big Flight Blogging contest and we were the first few bloggers who were at the event yesterday.

You can read our entry: Win a Lifetime Experience for Malaysia Airlines A380 Big Flight

It was a proud and glorious day for Malaysia Airlines and Malaysia. Malaysia Airlines is the 8th Airlines companies in the world to have Airbus A380. The order was made in 2003 and it was delivered last week and as it touched down from Toulouse France.

Before we blog about the Malaysia Airlines inaugural Big Flight, let us show some of the pictures we capture on board of A380.

Every airline has a different setup and design for the interior of A380. The number of seating differs depending on the demand of the airline company. Same goes to the design of the First Class section of the airplane.

These are the exclusive pictures of Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class pictures.

The seat of Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class, the seat is huge. You can refer the picture below to see the actual size.

The seating of Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class, elegant and stylish.

Check out the leg room and the size of the LED monitor. I have tried the seat and it is very comfortable.

The seating of Malaysia Airlines A380 First Class, two seats side by side. The wood finishing on the side makes it stylish and elegant.

There is plenty of room for a person with a huge size like me. Look at the width of the chair and also the leg room (not shown). 
This is one of the six Airbus A380 Malaysia Airlines ordered and the first flight will commence on 1st July 2012 from Kuala Lumpur to London non-stop.

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17 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines A380 Plane First Class Pictures

  1. hi wilson!
    how lucky you are to be on Big Flight joyride.btw, the order was made in 2003,not 1993. 🙂

  2. Hi Zulhismam,

    Rectify the error, thanks for the heads up. Thanks for commenting!


  3. congratulations to you because you become the lucky ones to be able to experience the new first-class A380 Malaysia Airlines. quite impossible for me to experience as you. congratulations once again..

  4. Are you sure MAS ordered the A380 in the year 1993? If I am not mistaken, Airbus started taking order around year 2000. I also believe MAS made a press release around year 2003 about their purchase of the A380. That’s like a good 10 years gap. Correct me if I am wrong.

  5. Sorry for the trouble, you changed it to the correct year already. kudos.

  6. Hi Jun Liang,

    Sorry for the mistake and you are correct. I have rectified the error, it is 2003.

    Thanks for identifying the error.


  7. Hi Jun Liang,

    Thanks! Don’t worry about the comment, we are glad you notified us earlier.

    Please do come back for the full Big Flight experience story soon.


  8. Hi Lie Shahalam,

    I was just like everyone else entered the Big Flight video contest. I consider myself lucky to win the contest. Please do check out Malaysia Airlines Facebook Fan Page for more info the future. Maybe you might be the lucky one next time. Please visit https://www.facebook.com/malaysiaairlines for more info.


  9. Hi Hong,

    What I can say is the economy class is different than other airlines. I will blog about it soon.


  10. It still cannot really compete with SQ and Emirates A380 suite class…as their layout is much better then the MAS A380 as you have shown.

  11. Hi TY,

    Well, different people different taste. Design is always a subjective matter. Thanks for your comments.


  12. yep..true..i tried the Singapore Airlines one several times..really nice with power plug usb port etc..but share with me when you have updated..i wanna see how’s the interface in MAS one


  14. I never traveled on flight , its very thrilling and interesting information for me. I am planning to visit malaysia soon

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