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Equatorial Hotel Penang Review

Equatorial hotel penang lobby
Lobby of Equatorial Hotel.

If you are looking for a quiet stay in Penang with lush green scenery out of the buzzling streets of the city, you can try the Hotel Equatorial near Bayan Lepas.

Set majestically 150 metres above sea level, Hotel Equatorial is the island’s only golf and convention resort – strategically and peacefully tucked away on a hillock.  It is just 7 minutes to the Penang International Airport and a mere distance to the Bayan Lepas Industrial Zone.  The UNESCO Heritage Site listed George Town is only 20 minutes from the hotel.

If you are traveling from the mainland, stick to the Bayan Lepas sign board and heads towards Bayan Lepas. The hotel is located on the hilltop near the Penang International Sports Arena (P.I.S.A.). There are plenty of parking spaces available in the hotel as the hotel is quite enormous.

Equatorial hotel penang scenery
Scenery from our room in Equatorial Hotel.

The 5 star luxury hotel also carries a contemporary design and it houses 662 rooms and it is one of the largest hotels in Penang. As one the largest hotel, they kept upgrading their rooms so it won’t be outdated. The PR and service in the hotel didn’t disappointment us and in fact we were happy on how they handled the guests complains as the was a guest complaining on the car park system.
Equatorial hotel penang room

Our room in Equatorial Hotel.
With their newly renovated rooms in the tower wing, Hotel Equatorial offers a new experience for its guests. Hence, the rooms on the other wing were also renovated in recent years. To keep guests coming, the new rooms do look impressive and also up to date on current contemporary design.

Equatorial hotel penang room reflection
Contemporary design of the newly renovated rooms in Equatorial Hotel.

As it is located away from the city, there were not much noises and we had peaceful night in our stay. If you looking for supper, there are restaurants within a few minutes drive or can always called up their room services.

Like we mentioned earlier, the hotel is the only hotel on the island which has a 9-hole international golf course, it is the top choice for executive retreats and incentive group gatherings.  It houses two Grand Ballrooms which have been intelligently built with no obstruction of columns in between – reputed to be the largest on the island that can house up to 2,000 people.  There are also 21 other function rooms and an exhibition level that can easily accommodate 240 booths. Many wonderful weddings and also important events took place here. For golfers, they can send their family to have a fun stay too.
Equatorial hotel penang corridor

The newly renovated corridor of  Equatorial Hotel.

Equatorial hotel penang wardrobe
Wardrobe in  Equatorial Hotel newly renovated room.

We stayed in the newly renovated room at the tower wing. We love the space and the contemporary design of the room. If not mistaken, the bed was not that hard and it was comfortable. The bed was well done and clean, we hate dirty rooms.



Equatorial hotel penang room overview

View of the room from the business table.

Equatorial hotel penang bathroom overview
The bathroom of our room in  Equatorial Hotel.




Equatorial Hotel Waterfall
 Equatorial Hotel’s swimming pool, one of the largest in Penang.

The bathroom was clean and spacious. There is one bath tub and standing shower in the bathroom.


The other highlights will be the swimming pool. It is one of the largest swimming pool in Penang and it has an unique pool within a man-made cave. The pool has also a beautiful man made waterfall.

Equatorial hotel penang swimming pool
Another view of  Equatorial Hotel’s swimming pool.


This is definitely a fun big swimming pool ideal for family. With the man made waterfall nearby, it is cozy to read a book or having a tan here.

Equatorial Hotel Swimming Pool
Man made cave with swimming pool.


The man made cave with swimming pool and jacuzzi is a beauty. While this picture might looks like a luxury resort from the West but in fact this is in Equatorial Hotel Penang.
Equatorial hotel penang gym

 Equatorial Hotel’s full range gym.

If you are into fitness, you are in the right hotel. Hotel Equatorial hotel is the only hotel on the island which has a full range gym. They have weight lifting equipment and a great selections of dumb bells. Hence, they are also treadmills on the other section of the gym. The size of the gym is enormous and the gym is also available for membership sign-ups. The sauna and the steam room is located near the gym.

Equatorial hotel penang warmpool
Warm pool in  Equatorial Hotel and this easily can fit 20 people. 



Equatorial hotel penang steam room
Steam room in  Equatorial Hotel.



Equatorial hotel penang sauna
Sauna room in  Equatorial Hotel.



Equatorial hotel penang forest waterfall
To our surprise, there is a little ‘jungle’ inside the hotel near the main lobby. The hotel built a mini size of our rainforest in the premise. For foreign tourists, you might be amazed by the colours and the beauty of the plants in this area.

Equatorial hotel penang pond
Man made pond in  Equatorial Hotel.


This man made jungle has a stream, pond and also a hanging bridge. This unique area is a hot favourite location for many local wedding photographers.

Equatorial hotel penang business center
Business centre near the lobby in  Equatorial Hotel.

They also have squash, tennis courts and business centre part of their facilities. To complete the five star experiences, the hotel offers variety of dining experiences and options ranging from French cuisine at The view to authentic Japanese experience at Kampachi.


If you are interested in Kampachi, the Japanese restaurant you can read our experience below.

Equatorial hotel penang drinks section
Fruit juice bar in Coffee Garden,  Equatorial Hotel for our breakfast.

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Our morning breakfast in the Coffee Garden is more than usual. There are quite a number of varieties of food available for breakfast. From local delights to Western and Japanese food options, guests are spoilt for choices.

Equatorial hotel penang breakfast breads
Selection of breads in Coffee Garden in Equatorial Hotel.



Equatorial hotel penang breakfast cheese platter
Cheese platter for breakfast in Coffee Garden.




Equatorial hotel penang breakfast porridge

Condiments for rice porridge, look at the varieties.


If you are interested in Kampachi, the Japanese restaurant you can read our experience below.

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Equatorial hotel penang hanging bridge

Lastly, we checked out on Sunday and it was a pleasant drive to the Penang Bridge and back to Kuala Lumpur. We loved the peacefulness and the quietness of the hotel as we needed much for a weekend.


If you have trouble looking for rooms in Penang, there are always room available in Hotel Equatorial. Book at the cheapest rate with Agoda.com at http://www.agoda.com/hotel-equatorial-penang

Equatorial Hotel Penang Address and Contact:

1 Jalan Bukit Jambul

Bayan Lepas

11900 Penang


Tel: +60 4 632 7000






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  1. This place brings a lot of childhood memories. My dad used to rent an office space there. If you go a little uphill, turn left after INTI college, there’s a small entrance to hill hiking. The laksa there is awesome pawsum!!!!

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