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Shaolin Master performing Kung Fu in Kowloon Hong Kong

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Shaolin Master performing Kung Fu in Kowloon Hong Kong

We grew up watching Hong Kong movies or “Kong Chan” movies. From the early days of Jackie Chan and Chow Yun Fat to the days of Stephen Chow, many movies are shot and filmed in the streets of Hong Kong. While we thought we seen enough of Hong Kong, we were wrong, there were always something extra that kept us going there.

Last year, in one of our trips to Hong Kong we stayed in Kowloon. Close to many restaurants and shopping outlets, we stayed at Stanford Hotel near Soy Street. It is also near the “Sports Shoe Street” and also the “Ladies Market”.
Shaolin Master in Hong Kong
In one of our quest for supper in Kowloon, we stumbled upon something that we thought only exist on TV, a Shaolin Master performing Kung Fu on the street. If not mistaken, it was at Sai Yeung Choi Street in front of KFC. Dozens of people gathered and surrounded him for him to perform his martial art skills as a street performer to impress the crowd. Watch the video below to watch his martial art skills.

After the video, he tried to break a few more broken glass bottles with his abdomen. We tipped him before we left for supper. Surprisingly, there were no policemen around the area or they kept a blind eye on him.

We sympathized on this young man as he needs to risk his body to perform all this dangerous moves. Even though he used a few tricks to minimise the damage on his body but sometimes we can’t cheat death.

This is one of those unforgettable travel moments and as we thought Hong Kong is ordinary, yet again it was not. We hope to go to Discover Hong Kong again very soon.

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