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Elevate Melaka with DJ Hiloco, Patricia K and Elecoldxhot

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Elevate Melaka with DJ Hiloco, Patricia K and Elecoldxhot

If you follow our Facebook Page, you know that we went to Melaka last weekend for party. We went to Elevate Penang last month and this time it was Melaka. Coincidently both cities are under Unesco Heritage List.
Elevate Melaka Vivian Khoo

This was taken with blogger Vivian Khoo.
The Elevate Melaka was held at MITC (Melaka International Trade Center) last Saturday and it was an opportunity for us to meet our friends and party as well. The MITC located near the Ayer Keroh toll was an ideal location for a party that Melaka had not experienced.
Elevate Melaka Arisa Chow

This was taken with blogger Arisa Chow.
As invited VIP guests, we were allowed to bring our cameras. Like the other Elevate parties, securities were tight for the safety of the partygoers.
Elevate Melaka Dance Floor

Cool interactive dance floor.

They have a colourful dance floor with the light responding to motion. It was quite cool. You might call it as interactive dance floor too.
elevate fire dancer

Fire in motion, the fire dancing at Elevate by PsycuSix.

There was a fire dancing performance for Elevate Melaka. How convenience for me to take some nice slow shuttle pictures with my Samsung smart camera, Samsung NX-20.
Elevate Melaka Patricia K
The first DJ of the night was Patricia K. I have not seen her for a while. She was very friendly as we spoke to all of us.
Elevate Melaka Elecoldxhot


Elecoldxhot dancing, check out the LED lights on their clothes and shoes!


Elecoldxhot video!

Next, was the performance from our award winning dance group, Elecoldxhot. They rocked the crowd with their version of PSY Gangnam style as well as their signature dance moves.

The introduction video of DJ Hiloco!

Elevate Melaka DJ Hiloco spinning
Lastly, the crowd went wild as the stage revealed the last DJ of the night, DJ Hiloco. Everyone rushed to the stage area to have a glimpse for this Japanese celebrity DJ. She rocked the crowd with her music till late. We partied until 1 am and went back to the hotel after that. We were staying at this brand new boutique D’ hotel. The hotel will be opened on the 18th and we were the first few guests who were invited to experience it.
Elevate Melaka DJ Hiloco

Taken with sexy DJ Hiloco from Japan.
Elevate Melaka didn’t disappoint us at all and rocked the history town of Melaka. I hope that there will be more Elevate parties to come and we can party all night long Gangnam style!
Elevate Melaka Hot Girls

The other blogger friends partying with us.

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  1. Hi there, we are the flow arts group that did the fire performance that night. Just thought we’d drop a comment in case you’re wondering who we are! 🙂

    And thank you for including our photo on your blog of course!

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