February 6, 2023

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AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant Hobart

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AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant Hobart

Well, I had no idea who was Awu and I was not sure whether they had money back guaranteed if their food was not “delicious food”. It was intentional to have Chinese food after all we had six days of Tasmanian food so it was right to have a meal of Asian food.

AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant located at Hunter St. Hobart. It was known as Golden Harbour Chinese Restaurant before AWU took over.

Firstly we had the Stir Fried Seasonal Vegetable for A$ 15.90. It was a simple stir fried of cauliflower, broccoli, carrot, capsicum, mushroom and others.

AWU Creamy Fried Rice for A$ 16.90. We didn’t know why they named this creamy but this was well cooked and definitely not creamy.  It was one of the better fried rice I’ve tasted for some time. Good one.

Fried Singapore Noodles for A$ 18.90. From the first day I had my Chinese food in Australia until today, I still don’t get the message of why they kept naming the noodle after Singapore? Rice Vermicelli is definitely not origin from Singapore. Their version of fried Singapore noodle was slightly different from the usual. If not mistaken they added turmeric to this noodle and sprinkled with sesame seed on top, weird. The taste was above average.

Sesame Beef for A$ 19.90. The beef strips were deep fried and coated with sweet and sour sauce and topped with sesame seeds. This was addictive.



Lemon Chicken for A$ 19.90. A popular Chinese dish in Australia, deep fried chicken dunked on to lemon sauce.

King Prawns with Scrambled Egg for A$ 26.90. It didn’t look too King Prawn to me and I would preferred it with omelette style than scrambled.

Szechuan Hot Pot Eggplant for A$ 16.90. I found this flavourful and loved the sweet and spicy flavour of this. Eggplant was cooked to perfection.

Broccoli with Garlic for A$ 15.90 was the last dish. A simple vegetable dish and it was light one too.

AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant was definitely a worth a visit if you crave for Chinese cuisine. I didn’t find their food extraordinary but simple and nice. After staying too long away from Australia, I can’t judge on their pricing as this was the one and only Asian restaurant I visited in Hobart Tasmania. Do drop by at their restaurant for their infamous hot and spicy food, they are famous for that.

AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant Hobart Contact, Tel and Address:

Lunch : Wednesday-Sunday 12am – 2pm

Dinner : 5:00pm – till late

Address: Hobart Shop1, 15 Hunter Street, Hobart 7000

Phone Number: (03)62344200

Fax: (03)62342100

E-mail: [email protected]


2 thoughts on “AWU Delicious Food Chinese Restaurant Hobart

  1. Singapore noodles is sold all over the world except Singapore/Malaysia and yes the difference is the turmeric/mild curry powder used. It can be tasty is prepared correctly. All those dishes you had are served in nearly all the Chinese restaurants here in Ireland.

  2. Hi Kash,

    Well said! Most of this Chinese dishes are similar in many countries (outside Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and China) even in United States. I wonder who standardize the menu.


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