February 9, 2023

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Oyster Noodle at Eng Kee, Melaka

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Oyster Noodle at Eng Kee, Melaka

This is another hidden gem of the food paradise of Melaka, the oyster noodle. Little information available on the history of this oyster noodle but apparently this is popular with locals. The place was at Restoran Eng Kee, Semabok. Don’t worry as I had placed the telephone number and the map below.

It was more than a fortnight ago when I travelled down to Melaka for the Elevate party with Rachel. We stayed at the spanking new budget hotel called D’ Hotel at Jalan Ong Kim Wee. They are having promotion for RM 88 nett per night now. You can read at D’ Hotel Preview Melaka


We tasted the oyster noodle a few years back but we didn’t blog about it back then. Hence, we wanted to revisit the place with a review. As mentioned earlier, the restaurant is located at Semabok, view address and map below.

Yam basket with sweet and sour pork
It was a typical coffee shop a-like interior, no air condition and nothing fancy about it. We ordered the yam basket with sweet and sour pork. For the first dish, it was pretty decent especially the yam basket. Sweet and sour pork was deep fried to crispiness before coated with the sweet and sour sauce.

Oyster noodle
Next, was the superstar, the oyster noodle. The oyster noodle was not up to the mark. Somehow we felt the noodle was the disappointing factor. Well, it was still decent but not as good as I expected. Probably we put too much expectation on this but still worth a try, their oysters were fresh.

Oyster omelette
The sizzling plate oyster omelette was slightly different than the usual “o chien” (oyster omelette). Their version was without starch and mainly eggs were used and cooked together with spring onions and put on top the hot plate. This was a simple omelette dish with oysters.

Spicy pork
Lastly, we had the spicy pork. I thought the pork was well cooked but the spicy sauce was too spicy. I loved how they topped the pork with spring onions but it taste better with hints of salted fish. Maybe we get used to the salted fish version but this was purely spicy without any strong flavours.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience. Since my friend paid the bill, I was told that the price was reasonable. It was a simple dinner and the food was decent. The oyster noodle is one of the local Melaka food and yet undiscovered by many.


Oyster Noodle at Eng Kee, Melaka Address, Contact, Tel and Map:

78, Jalan PJ 18, Taman Pertam Jaya,

Semabok, 75050 Melaka

Tel: 06-281 7164, 016-612 0688

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