March 24, 2023

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Sei Ngan Chai (Sze Ngan Chye) Duck Feet Parcel 鸭脚包

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Sei Ngan Chai (Sze Ngan Chye) Duck Feet Parcel 鸭脚包

Duck Feet Parcel 鸭脚包 might not be a familiar name to tourists but for locals it is a rare delicacy that is mostly available in Kuala Lumpur. One of the most popular stalls is in China Town Petaling Street Kuala Lumpur, a popular tourist attraction in the city.

It has been some time since I ventured Petaling Street. Taking the advantage of hosting my friend from Hong Kong, we went to Petaling Street for a food trail. One of the stalls that cannot be missed is the Sei Ngan Chai (Sze Ngan Chye).

Known for its scrumptious roast duck over the years, the tiny stall is also popular for another delicacy, the Duck Feet Parcel (鸭脚包).  My first encounter with Duck Feet Parcel (鸭脚包) was more than 25 years ago and it is more popular now especially it is widely available in “lok lol” portable vans. However, the genuine and the most original version of Duck Feet Parcel (鸭脚包) is available at Sei Ngan Chai Petaling Street.

The origin of Duck Feet Parcel (鸭脚包) is believed from KL but it is not also a common favourite among locals too. Thus, it might have influence from China but it is totally different type of food. It is duck meat roll with duck feet, duck liver and pork belly and coated with sweet char siew sauce. They are selling it at RM 1.50, a reasonable price for its huge portion. We didn’t try the roast duck as we wanted to try more food in Petaling Street and my Hong Kong friend finds the taste unusual. It is a hate or love passion for Duck Feet Parcel (鸭脚包).

Please see the map below for the exact location in Petaling Street.

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  1. Hi Cynful,

    I’m sure the one in Ipoh is equally good. I haven’t really ventured to Ipoh for food yet, heard is a paradise there!


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