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Tasmania 2012 Travelogue Day Three: Honey Farm, Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company, Ross, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Wrest Point

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Tasmania 2012 Travelogue Day Three: Honey Farm, Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company, Ross, Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary and Wrest Point

The third starts with a drive to Chudleigh for the honey farm. Tasmanian honey farm is slightly different than the ones you visited as their honey is not just for consumptions, it is made for other purposes too.

Honey Farm

The Honey Farm provides an exciting way to see honeybees up close from behind the safety of glass. You can see how thousands of bees produce honey, watch the queen lay her eggs, and maybe even see a baby bee hatch! The Honey Farm produces over 50 different kinds of honey.

honey farm overview

These include Tasmania’s Leatherwood honey and Tasmanian Manuka – a unique healing honey. Free honey tasting is available and you don’t want to end a visit to The Honey Farm without trying the delicious honey ice cream.

Read more at The Honey Farm Tasmania

Honey Farm Address and Phone:

39 Sorell Street, Chudleigh, Tasmania 7304

Phone: 6363 6160

Email: [email protected]


After having a great time savouring the Tasmanian honey, we drove to Evandale for another Tasmanian speciality, Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company.


Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company

From a home kitchen to an export business, Julie and Tim Barbour now supply sauces, relishes, chutney and mustards to Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and the U.K. They produce 800 bottles a day of 29 different sauces, mustards, relishes, chutneys and jams and use only Tasmanian produce.
tasmania gourmet sauce
The tasting centre has a wide range on offer, from the tingle of raspberry chilli sauce to the explosive flavour of tomato kasoundi or the lure of traditional chocolate sauce.
tasmania gourmet sauce owner

The owner shows his lovely home.
I found out that there are a few specialty supermarket in Malaysia are selling Tasmania Gourmet Sauce Company’s products. It is no secret that there is a demand in Malaysia in quality products from Australia.

Tasmanian Gourmet Sauce Company Address and Phone:

174 Leighlands Road, Evandale, Tasmania 7212

Phone: 6391 8437

Email: [email protected]



Ross is a treasure-trove of colonial heritage. Settled in 1812, its bridge was built in 1836 by convict stonemasons who carved 186 figures into the arches – many caricatures of leaders of the day.



Ross Bakery is a must visit place in Ross.


Each corner of the key village intersection has its own heritage, tagged as Temptation (Man O’Ross Hotel), Salvation (Catholic Church), Recreation (Town Hall) and Damnation (gaol site). Superfine merino wool from the locality attracts record world prices.



Authentic vintage wood oven, a rare sight for us but not in Ross.


Read more at World Greatest Vanilla Slice and Kiki’s Delivery Service (魔女の宅急便) Ross Bakery, Tasmania



Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary

Tasmanian Devils, quolls, wombats and echidnas are popular residents at this wildlife park. Visitors can also hand feed Forester Kangaroos and share unforgettable moments with the koalas and their keepers.
tasmanian devil 0

Tasmanian Devil might look cute but he is a predator in nature!
This is a fun wildlife park. You can get intimate with animals like kangaroos in Bonorong. It was my first being up, close and personal with a Tasmanian Devil. The reason it is called the devil because it can scream like a devil. Don’t be fooled by its appearance as Tasmanian Devil is a predator and a rare cancer is wiping out the wild Tasmanian Devils. The Tasmanian Devils are in brisk of extinction and Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the few parks that are trying to save their population. The other popular Tasmanian wildlife figure, the Tasmanian Tiger had been extinct due to over hunting. There is no sight of Tasmanian Tiger in the wild for decades.
bonorong kangaroos


Kangaroos are set free in the park. You can feed them and take pictures with them.


Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary Address and Phone:

Briggs Road, Brighton, Tasmania 7030

Phone: 6268 1184

Email: [email protected]


Wrest Point

Australia’s first casino, Wrest Point overlooks Hobart’s harbour and is a popular waterside venue for entertainment and dining.
sunset in hobart


A typical morning view in Wrest Point, I have no complaints.


Refurbished rooms and suites are styled with natural timber; the gaming rooms break with tradition and feature windows with river views; and other facilities include the tower-top The Point Restaurant, dining in Pier One overlooking the Derwent River; a range of casual bistros and bars; evening entertainment; a heated pool and spas.


wrest point tower
The Wrest Point tower looks similar with Leaning Tower of Pisa to me even though my peers disagreed with me. If you are looking for the best sunrise view in Hobart then you must stay in Wrest Point.

Wrest Point Phone and Address:

410 Sandy Bay Road, Hobart, Tasmania 7005

Phone: 6225 0112 Mobile: 0419 411 665

Email: [email protected]


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