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Guan Yin Statue of Macau

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Guan Yin Statue of Macau

This is might not the most popular attractions in Macau but definitely worth a mention. This is the statue of Guan Yin, the Goddess of Mercy in Taoism and it is located near the Cultural Center of Macau and also near the Macau Harbour.
macau guan yin statue far
The statue is beautifully clad with bronze and weight of an astounding 50 tons. It is 65 feet (20m) in height.
macau guan yin
My tour guide told me that if you look carefully at the features at this beautiful Guan Yin, it has the resemblance of Virgin Mary. The interpretation works well with Macao of multi-ethnics and multi cultures.
macau guan yin together
It is believed that when this statue is built, Macau has become more prosperous, peaceful and economically better. If you are near the Macau harbour or Macau Cultural Center, you can visit the statue of Guan Yin for blessing.


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