May 31, 2023

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Samsung S4 Review

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Samsung S4 Review

I’m not the smart phone geek or the superhero who knows everything about smart phone. I’m just the ordinary guy who loves eating and taking pictures where ever I go.

For that, Samsung Malaysia gave me the Samsung NX-20 camera and Samsung S4 for my passion. All this are possible thanks to Manoah Consulting and most notable Donovan Chan who made everything seems so seamless and possible for me.

Samsung took the mobile world by storm. They are number one in all sorts of things and the new champion in their success story is the spanking new Samsung S4.

I love to take pictures, some called me professional and some called me amateur. I called myself a passion. There is no hate or love relationship between me and photography. It is not a gift but a passion built by time.

With Samsung S4, photography seems to be easier. I have a few latest smart phone with me and I must agree, Samsung S4 stands triumph in many factors and most notable technology, features and its camera. While many readers and followers had wow-ed by Samsung Galaxy Camera, Samsung S4 weaves the same magic wand with new surprises.

Some of the features found in Samsung Galaxy Camera can be found in S4. Most notable is the Beauty Face feature, the girls most loved mode.

The Drama mode is not as drama as it sounds. Multiple actions embedded to the same picture with the options of which action to be chosen. This of course can be done if it is Photoshop but this is instant and simple.

One of the key features that I love is the air gesture. I really love flipping the images while not touching the screen. It is like magic! That’s a real hands-free!

There are many features I am yet to explore but I will take my time learning about this awesome Samsung S4. I always believe when you invest in a high end smart phone Samsung S4, you get back the value in terms of design, usability, features and mobility. It is undeniable that Samsung S4 is the fastest smart phone in the market today. While their technology is revolutionary, Samsung S4 remains the top choice of many new and existing smart phone users!

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