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Sabio by the Sea Singapore

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Sabio by the Sea Singapore

Where to find good Spanish food in Singapore? With the help of famous Singaporean food blogger, Camemberu, I was introduced to this Spanish restaurant by the name of Sabio by the Sea.

Little is known about this restaurant because this restaurant is newly open early this year. You can call it a hidden gem as it is located deep inside Sentosa Island at the beautiful Sentosa Cove. The restaurant is just a stone throw away from the W Hotel in Sentosa.
sabio by the sea
For first timer like me, going there is a bit tricky but I got it covered and scroll down below for directions. However, the Sentosa Cove is a beauty and I heard it is for the rich and famous with dozens of yachts and high end properties.

I was there for dinner with Rachel. I walked pass the restaurant without realizing it. Silly me but they should have a bigger signage in my opinion.
sabio by the sea interior
I loved the ambience of the restaurant especially the lightings. It wasn’t too bright or too dim. They have a simple interior design but it is lovely. It wasn’t long the waiter started to serve us and recommend us some of their signature dishes. A well trained waiter as he recommended us cocktails too to go with the food.
sabio by the sea el pulpo
El Pulpo

We started with El Pulpo, a grilled octopus leg, “viola” mashed potato and sauce paprika. The mashed potato is purple in colour and look at the size of that octopus leg. Sprinkled it with lemon juice and this plate of flavourful grilled octopus leg will be memorable.
sabio by the sea scallops with white wine
Vierias en salsa de cava

The Spanish reads “vieras en salsa de cave” and the English reads sea scallops with sparkling white wine sauce. This comes with four gorgeous large size scallops that were beautifully cooked in sparkling white wine sauce. The beauty of dining in Singapore in general is you get the freshest and best ingredients from around the world, in this case are these beautiful scallops. Perfectly cooked, scallops are not raw and it compliments well with the white wine sauce.
sabio by the sea el cerdo
El Cerdo

Herbs marinated pork shoulder served with sauted potatoes. This looks burned but it was all fined. Like the usual pork dishes, it was oily but the inclusion of herbs (the green) it balances the flavour of both worlds.
sabio by the sea paella with black squid ink
Paella Negra

Now this is rare, paella with mixed seafood in black ink squid. I find the taste of black ink squid was overwhelming but paella lovers might love this. You can ignore my input on this dish as I’m not a fan of paella.
sabio by the sea la langosta
La Langosta

Half grilled Maine lobster with Spanish rice and aioli sauce. Like many typical Asians, I have a soft spot for lobster. The beauty of having grilled lobster is you can taste the freshness, tenderness and sweetness of the lobster. Having strong flavours might spoil the taste as grilled lobsters are always the best!
sabio by the sea churros
Lastly, we ended the feast with churros. Churros or I called it the Spanish “you tiao” is one of my favourite Spanish desserts. Churros are usually sprinkled with sugar and dipped with chocolate dipping. The chocolate dipping might be thicker than the usual but the churros were not disappointing.
sabio by the sea picture
Facing the Sentosa Cove, Sabio by the Sea offers great atmosphere for dining with scenic view. Service staffs are well trained with great knowledge of the daily menu. The location of the restaurant might be too far so you need to plan your transportation well to go there. Food are good and prices are reasonable for locals. Remember to plan your holiday in Singapore at www.yoursingapore.com/live



How to go to Sabio By the Sea:

From Beach Station

Sentosa Bus 3 to Sentosa Cove Arrival Plaza from Beach Station

(Every 30 mins daily from 8am to 10.30pm)



By Car

Admission to Sentosa is at $2 during lunch (12 to 2PM) and dinner (after 5PM) on weekdays


Sabio By The Sea Contact and Address:

31 Ocean Way


Singapore 098395

T: 6690 7568 | E: [email protected]

(Next to W Hotel Singapore)

Website: http://sabio.sg/bythesea/


Monday to Thursday 12PM to 10PM

Friday & Saturday 12PM to 12AM

Sunday 10.30AM to 10PM






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