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100 Yen Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 Review

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100 Yen Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 Review

This is a very popular kaiten(conveyor belt)  sushi restaurant in Kyoto and it is called the Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店. The location of this restaurant is ideal, it is walking distance to the famous Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺 Golden Pavilion in Kyoto.


Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺 Golden Pavilion lake overview

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Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 restaurant
The restaurant was already packed when we were there. The restaurant is a stone throw away from Kinkaku-ji 金閣寺 Golden Pavilion in Kyoto as we decided not to go back to the city for our dinner. It took us around 15 minutes of walking distance from the entrance of the Golden Pavilion.
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店  mascot
There is a good reason why Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 is popular among the locals. All the kaiten sushi is selling at 100 yen per plate. It is cheaper than eating at our own local restaurants even you did the currency conversions.
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 packed


(It is packed with locals)

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 seatings
The restaurant is not that huge but it is so well designed so all the tables have the conveyor belt and it fits many tables.
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 kaiten sushi
They have a good list of varieties of sushi available.
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 crab sushi


Look at that fat crab meat sushi.

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 mantis prawn


Mantis prawn sushi anyone?


Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 real wasabi
While most sushi restaurants in Malaysia offers powdered wasabi, they are not real wasabi but hot raddish with wasabi flavour. Hence, only authentic Japanese restaurants in Malaysia offer real wasabi. You can tell from its texture when the wasabi root is grated. It has the similar texture with the grated ginger. Traditionally, wasabi root is grated on coarse shark skin.

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 special order

The other cool thing is you can order your food digitally via touch screen. Yes, some of the restaurants in Asia offer iPads or tablets for food ordering but at Kura Sushi the food will come to your table (via conveyor belt) and it will trigger the alarm on your table!
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 plate compartments
On top of that, you need to recycle the sushi plate at a special compartment. You have to insert the used plates and you will be billed according to the plates you inserted.

A simple video Rachel took during our dining session.

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 gashapon
For every five plates you inserted, you will automatically trigger a cartoon game on the TV screen. The game is automated and you stand a chance to win a “gashapon” if you beat the computer in the game. Gashapon is capsule toys trademarked to Bandai Japan where the toys inside the capsule are unknown. Gashapon machines are popular in many countries in Asia and you can usually find them in Toys ‘R US stores. Since the game is automated, you will win the gashapon by random / luck and this will encourages you to eat more plates to make it five plates to trigger the free game.
Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 sweet potato


Dessert with Japanese caramel coated sweet potatoes!

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 cakes


Cakes at 100 yen. If you see black plates, they are 200 yen.

Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 kawaii waitress


(Kawaii cashier)

It was a great sushi dinner and it won’t burn a big hole in your wallet. This is one of the best dining experience I had in Japan. It is even cheaper than dining at home! The service at the restaurant is excellent, fresh sushi, awesome food, ideal location and affordable pricing. Thanks to Mariko also who tour guided us in Kyoto and with Kansai Thru Pass, we took unlimited public transport in Kansai and save us in our transportation fees. Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 is highly recommended and I’ve attached the address and map below for your convenience.

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Kura Sushi 無添 くら寿司金閣寺店 Kyoto Address, Contact and Map:

No 4, Kita-ku, Hiranomiyajiki Town, Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture


Opening Hours:

11 am to Midnight

Tel: 075-466-6101

Fax: 075-462-9812

Website: http://www.kura-corpo.co.jp

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