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Ladder.my Winner Aluminium Double-Sided TanglePruf™ Ladder

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Ladder.my Winner Aluminium Double-Sided TanglePruf™ Ladder


As one of the award winning shopping blogs in the country, I am going to promote this special website offering Winner Ladders at Ladder.my. For those who didn’t know, buying ladder could be easy but transporting them will be a massive headache. Well, that is going to change as you can do it online as they can deliver it to your doorsteps. What a relief!

They have different steps and sizes for ladders to make your requirement. You can pay via online using credit card or bank transfer. Many bank merchants are available such as Maybank, CIMB, Hong Leong and RHB Online.
ladder in bubble wrap
After your purchase, they will deliver the ladder to you to your doorsteps. The ladder might not be packed inside a huge gift box but it will be bubble wrapped. The ladder I received is in excellent condition and at the right moment when my office needed one!
There are three reasons why Winner Ladders in Ladder.my are worth the purchase!

winner ladder

1.       TanglePruf™ Hinge

All locally made stepladders locate the ladder hinge on the outside of the ladder body, making it very prone to damage through entanglement with other objects.

winner ladder hinge

It is a very common failure on a lot of stepladders. A ladder with a damaged hinge is dangerous to use for obvious reasons. We redesigned ours to locate it on the inside, making it almost impossible to be damaged accidentally. This feature is only found on a handful of imported ladders.



2.       Heavy-duty steps

Another common failure is the deformation of the ladder steps, usually the longer ones at the bottom. Regular ladder steps are the in ‘n’ shaped configuration. We improved ours to a box configuration which makes our steps highly resistant to deformation, it is much, much stronger than the regular steps. This step is also what we use on our heavy duty fiberglass stepladders which are widely use in industrial applications.

winner ladder heavy duty steps

The first two steps from the top are the regular step, and the rest are the closed-channel steps.



3.       Tool tray

We incorporated a tool tray into the top ‘step’ of our double-sided ladders for additional utility, and to discourage the extremely dangerous practice of standing on the top of the ladder. This feature is not found in almost all locally made ladders.


All of these value-added features unique to us are provided to consumers without any additional cost, our double-sided ladders are selling at regular market rate.

winner ladder tool tray

Which is super great value for consumers. Heavy duty stepladders are selling at about twice the price but these are often heavier due to thicker profiles and are not commonly used even among the light trade industry due to price and weight.

For more info on Winner Ladder visit their website at Ladder.my

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