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Lolla and the Sea Urchin Pudding

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Lolla and the Sea Urchin Pudding

If there is an upcoming restaurant in Singapore which received many good reviews last year, the name should be Lolla. With the recommendation from Singapore‘s top food blogger, Camemberu, I went to Lolla and for the quest of their famous sea urching pudding. The Mediterranean restaurant is hidden in Ann Siang Road in a beautiful pre-war building.

lolla ann siang
From the exterior, the restaurant looks sleek the white colour paint. You have to open your eyes to see the little word “Lolla”.

As you enter the restaurant, you steps into a new world. The interior is simple and yet beautiful. There are two levels in this restaurant, the bar level is on ground level and there is another level located at their basement.

lolla ann siang bar
The bar is located right in front of the kitchen. Sitting at the bar gives you the privilege to see how the chefs interact and cook. It is similar to teppanyaki style, the chef cooks and you eat immediately.

There is no shouting, yelling or shoving like Gordon Ramsay from the Hell’s Kitchen. Instead, you will enjoy chef’s conversations and how they cook in front of you.
lolla ann siang basement
If you want to have some private moments with a big group of friends, you should get the long table at the basement. You can enjoy yourself loud or even party without making a scene.

So what to do eat in Lolla? The Mediterranean restaurant offers small plates servings which means that you get to eat more types of food without stuffing yourself. The portion is more the less like samplers dishes size.

They have a few friendly waiters who will recommend dishes and taking orders. You can’t find fault in their services but the food recommendations could be better, I will explain further. It was just two of us and Rachel was pregnant at that time so she can’t eat certain types of food.

Sea Urchin
lolla sea urchin

For starter, I had the sea urchin pudding.  Just for the record, I never enjoys sea urchin but it is Lolla’s signature, I just have to give it a try. From the bar, I look at how the chef slowly prepares the sea urchin. They are imported from Japan says the chef and how worried was I if there is any radiation. Don’t worry, I’m just joking.

Sea Urchin Pudding
lolla sea urchin pudding
The presentation is stunning with the sea urchin sits on top of the black pudding. Those aren’t coffee or chocolates but it is made of combination of squid ink, egg yolks, cream and tomato sauce. This is a powerful combination that will gives you powerful punch on your taste palette. Even as good as it is I still dislike the taste of sea urchin. For sea urchin lovers though, this is the perfection you always dream of.

Toasted baguette with tomato and roaster garlic
lolla baguette
Well, toasted baguette with tomato and roaster garlic. Nothing much I can say. Baguette is fresh and the tomato is rich. Simple and yet delicate.

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