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Lolla and the Sea Urchin Pudding

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Mixed cured meat platter
lolla mixed cured meat platter

There is nothing wrong with the mixed cured meat platter but they are just too much for two person. Hence, the mixed cured meat cannot be consumed by a pregnant lady. It is obvious I can’t have it by my own and if I didn’t check with the chef, Rachel will be having cured meat during her pregnancy. Having said that, instead of the cured meat, the waiter could have recommends other dishes lamb cutlets or desserts. Other than that, the mixed cured meat platter is good for group sharing.


Spanish tortilla with smoked eels
lolla spanish tortilla
After sea urchin and the mixed cured meat platter, it will take an enormous task to have the Spanish tortilla with smoked eels. The Spanish tortilla is good. It is thick and tasteful topped with a handsome portion of smoked eels. Even the portion looks small but they are quite filling. If you spoilt by sweet unagi (grilled eel), you should try the smoked eel here.

lolla ann siang front
In short, I love the ambience and the food is good. Sitting at the bar watching the chefs in action is a fun thing to do. The place is so cozy being there itself is an enjoyment.
lolla sea urchin pudding black cream
For sea urchin lovers, the pudding is to die for. There are people who visit Lolla just for the sea urchin pudding. Hence, there are still plenty dishes in the menu deserves a try. I will definitely go back to Lolla for another round of tasting.


Lolla Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat: 6pm to Midnight

Mon-Sat: 12pm to 2pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holiday

Lolla Address and Contact:

22 Ann Siang Road

Sabio by the SeaSabio by the Sea

Tel: +65 64231228http://www.lolla.com.sg/

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