February 5, 2023

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Beautiful classic car parked in front one of the restaurants in Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park.

I finally understand the reason why they named it food theme park as they have classic cars, bicycles as well as photo booths you can use to take pictures. I found two classic black cars and a couple more bicycles.

Check out also the walls and you get to see many classic notices. Even though these are replicas, I wonder where they get the sources to print these outs. They are not easy to find.



The décor includes the interior of all restaurants in the food court so you get the whole shebang and also not forgetting the soft music of Chinese vocal songs. However, the food though is a mixture of local, Shanghainese and Western. I haven’t really try most of the food yet but I must say dining here with soft music and old Shanghai décor, I couldn’t ask for more. I will definitely come back again and you probably want to visit this place


Grand Shanghai Food Theme Park Address:

Level 4, Setia Walk, Puchong (inside the Setia Mall)

Park at the basement (Zone E) and take the lift up to level four

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