March 22, 2023

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MH 002 Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow London UK Experience

The first time flying with Malaysia Airlines is back in 1992 when I was 14, flying alone back from Changi Singapore to Subang International Airport. Back then, there was this shuttle flight services. Fast forward twenty years later and more than a dozen flights with Malaysia Airlines, it is another first flying with MH to Europe. I flew to South Africa (transit) and South America with Malaysia Airlines too but sadly they decided to cut the two routes due to cut costing. Nevertheless, I have been flying with MH for quite some time.

This year is a pretty bad year for MH, two incidents and news for the privatisation. Well, if you are flown with other airlines, MH is never at the bottom of the list but at least top three or the best. Some people say we shouldn’t talk about the past so let me share my experience of flying with MH 002 from Kuala Lumpur to Heathrow London on Airbus A380.

It was a full flight to begin with. I spoke to the counter of getting a free upgrade to business which they offered to my surprise. We were offered business class to London but transit in Paris for 4 hours via British Airways. Considering our schedule and we heard so many issues with delayed luggage for transit flights, we were happily to decline. There is always a good reason to fly direct, save time and luggage will always arrive. Well, we will be traveling for two weeks in Europe and missing the luggage for the first few days will unsettle our plans.

MH 002 departs at 11.40 pm and reaches Heathrow Terminal 4 at 5.50 am. This is the best flight if you browse through the schedule even on other airlines. You get to sleep twelve hours plus and reaches in the morning.

There are no issues with the food, we had rice with chicken and nasi lemak. The food has improved quite a bit compared to last year. Nasi lemak now comes with crunchy fried anchovies and peanuts and fragrant coconut rice. Trust me, this is comfort food despite being an airline food.

The in-flight entertainment works perfectly and they usually show the live feed of the airplane take off the runway and landing. I think it is quite cool to see the plane live from top view.

We took the back seats, don’t worry the plane doesn’t work like the bus as the back seats are closer to the toilets. Thus, we also took the aisle seat so it is easier for us to walk around or visiting the toilets.

The journey was smooth, not much turbulence felt and the landing was perfect. Despite the full flight, the cabin crews make our journey smooth and comfortable. When we reached Heathrow Terminal 4, the new terminal, we were fresh and ready to rock Britain!

Despite all the negativity news on Malaysia Airlines, we find no issues flying with MH and it was another great memorable flying experience with them. No issue with the seats, the food and our luggage arrived at Heathrow in one piece. There was no flight delay too!

We will definitely fly with Malaysia Airlines again.


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