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Caffe Bene Bingsu

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Caffe Bene Bingsu

Like many Asia countries, Malaysia is currently experiencing the “Hallyu” or the Korean effect. There are more and more Korean restaurants opening in the country and bringing in Korean culture and cuisine. One of the most popular dessert cafes in South Korea was brought in a few months ago and it started to mushroom in Klang Valley. It is Caffe Bene with its signature drinks and “bingsu” (shaved ice).
caffe bene bingsu
I tasted the Oreo bingsu and the taste didn’t appeal as much as I was told so I reserved my opinion previously as I never tasted an authentic Korean “bingsu”. After spending ten days in Korea and tasting some of the bingsu there and it is time to rate Caffe Bene’s bingsu. It is true that Caffe Bene is huge in Korea but there are many dessert specialty restaurants too.

sol bing bingsu

(This is how a bingsu looks like in Korea)


Caffe Bene’s bingsu definitely is not top of the crop in Korea but at least it is something you can taste it Malaysia. Most of the bingsu in Korea has smoother and thinner shaved ice and you can find more variety there too. However, you can’t be in Korea all the time so if there is a bingsu in Malaysia, it is better than nothing.

caffe bene sunway

I hope Caffe Bene will introduce more flavours as well as better shaved ice for their bingsu even though they are extremely popular with the teens right now. You often find their outlets packed with long queues.

Caffe Bene has a few outlets in Klang Valley, Malaysia and you can check out their website at Caffebene.com.my to join the bingsu craze.


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