June 3, 2023

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Narathat Beach Narathiwat 

A short drive from Rantau Panjang border (Kelantan)  into the Narathiwat Province of Thailand will bring you the hidden gems of Thailand.  Many Malaysians are familiarized with the border town of Golok but when you drive further North, you will discover some of the best beaches of Thailand.

One of them is the Narathat Beach. You probably might not hear of it or even find any references about this place as it is only popular among the locals.

Sandy white beaches and strong winds from the South China Sea, you can find very least people hanging out at this beach. Only a small group of locals are seen parked their cars and motorcycles and relaxing on the beachside.

There are food stalls and shopping stalls by the beach side. We had our lunch there but nothing spectacular to mention.

When you self drive to Southern Thailand, you will discover places like this. There are more to venture if you drive up North all the way to Songkhla. Driving in Southern Thailand is fun and easy.


Narathat Beach Address and GPS:

Chai Thale Rd

Mueang Narathiwat

Narathiwat, Thailand

GPS: 6.44599, 101.82824

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