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Ko Hyang The Gardens Korean Country Delights Cuisine

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Ko Hyang The Gardens Korean Country Delights Cuisine

Ko Hyang is probably one of the few pioneer restaurants at The Gardens since the mall’s establishment. The Korean country delights restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants at the mall and you often need to wait for seats especially during peak hour.
ko hyang the gardens
I wasn’t a big fan of Korean cuisine until I visited South Korea recently. Traveling and eating around Korea changes my perception on their culture and cuisine. Thus, the influences of Korean TV shows such as Masterchef Korea also enhance my knowledge in some of the unheard Korean dishes. In short, I am starting to fall in love with Korean cuisine, not all but most of them.

I tried Ko Hyang many years ago with Rachel and she enjoyed it. Revisiting the restaurant recently in 2014, the restaurant is still packed and the food is still good.

Bi Bim Bap (RM 18.50)
ko hyang the gardens bi bim bap
Rice topped with vegetables, chilli paste, chicken and top with fried egg. For you info, most Korean cuisine comes with complimentary side dishes. Some it comes to almost a dozen of side dishes but at Ko Hyang they offer three side dishes. They are kimchi, anchovies and beansprouts and I am not sure it is the same side dishes daily or they rotate it.

Rachel ordered the bi bim bap not knowing there is a stone pot version. I always prefer stone pot version as it keeps the food hot. The bi bim bap comes in the generous portion and the taste is good. Make sure you mix everything before you eat it.

Chicken BBQ (RM 19.50)
ko hyang the gardens bbq chicken
Grilled chicken marinated in home sauce served with rice. I really missed those grilled food in Korea and probably why I ordered this. You can’t grill the chicken yourself due to the size of the restaurant so the chef will cook it nicely for you. Usually the chicken will be grilled with onion and this is a common practise in Korea. I guess you can hardly go wrong with chicken BBQ and I enjoyed this.

The price of the food in Ko Hyang has gone up quite a bit most likely due to the increasing food cost and crazy high rental at The Gardens but it is still cheaper than many established Korean restaurants in the city. Due to the size of Ko Hyang at The Gardens and the turnover of the crowd, they have simpler menu and great services. They operate like a fast food chain speed even though it is a table order restaurant. Will definitely come back again.

Ko Hyang The Gardens Mid Valley City Address:

LG K-05, Lower Ground Floor


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