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Cendol / Ais Kacang


Cendol or Chendol or Cendul is a popular Malaysian dessert. It is a cold dessert and the main ingredients are coconut milk, green coloured rice flour jelly, palm sugar (Gula Melaka) syrup, red beans and shaved ice. Some other version of cendol includes corn and glutinous rice.

Cendol is sweet and strong in flavour of coconut milk and the sweetness of the palm sugar. It is a thirst quenching dessert especially during the hot days.

It is usually available in stalls and also restaurants and food courts around Penang. The most popular cendol stall is Penang Road Cendol. It is packed 24/7 and you have to queue under the hot sun for a bowl of iced cold delicious cendol. The address is as below.

Penang Road Cendol Address:

Lebuh Keng Kwee

Off Penang Road


Open daily from : 11am – 7pm

GPS Coordinates : N05 2501.9   E100 1950.1

Ais Kacang

I have included ais kacang together with cendol as both are cold dessert using shaved ice. Imagine a bowl of shaved ice with corn, red bean, jelly, peanut and covered with thick rose syrup. This is sugar rush! Some comes with flavoured ice cream as topping as well as durian flesh and other ingredients such as atapchi (pine seed) and palm sugar syrup.

There is one popular ais kacang on Penang road and their version comes with two scoops of homemade durian ice cream on top of the mixed crush ice indulged with rose syrup topped with corns, beans and homemade jelly. The address is as below:

Kek Seng 格成 Coffee Shop  Address:

382-384 Penang Road

Penang, 10000

GPS: N5 24.974 E100 19.759


This top ten list is based on our opinion and we didn’t include food like lor bak, oyster mee, oh chien and seafood. We do take feedbacks seriously and please do comment if you want us to include anything on the list.

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