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Caffe Pascucci Bingsu and Coffee Gangnam Seoul

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Caffe Pascucci Bingsu and Coffee Gangnam Seoul

Where is the first place to visit in Seoul? Gangnam, of course. Popularised by Korean superstar Psy with its record breaking Gangnam Style, I went to Gangnam recently during my trip to Incheon Asian Games 2014. I visited Samsung D’Light and also managed to walk around near the Samsung Headquarter in Gangnam. They own three huge buildings in Gangnam.
gangnam samsung offices
Gangnam is the most expensive place in Korea and for the riches. Working in Gangnam is like a privilege for some and many will envy the people who actually stay there.

Another popular hobby in Gangnam according to my local friend is drinking coffee. The Koreans addiction to café is not something new with many local and International brands café mushroom-ing to almost every corner in Korea. Why drinking coffee is cool in Gangnam? It reflects the New Yorker way of life, drinking coffee and probably too much influence from “Sex and the City”.
caffe pascucci logo
I didn’t go to look for the best café in Gangnam but visited Caffe Pascucci. Caffe Pascucci is originated from Italy with establishment for more than a century. It has dozens of outlets in Korea alone and also other parts of the world.
caffe pascucci bingsu
Even though it is an Italian franchise, you can’t stop them selling Bingsu in their café. After all, it is still in Korea and the bingsu (shaved ice) addiction of Koreans can’t be ignored. In my opinion, Bingsu is the Korean version of “ice kacang” (Malaysia version of shaved ice) but the ice is thinner and the taste is not that sweet. I ordered the red bean bingsu that comes with vanilla ice cream and rice cake. Even for a non-specialised café like Caffe Pascucci, it can bring out the tastiness of Bingsu and it taste better than many Korea dessert establishments in Malaysia for sure.
caffe pascucci latte
For the coffee, it is pretty decent. I had my café latte. I usually don’t bother with coffee art except it is the 3D coffee art.

It was a short coffee break and we truly enjoyed the bingsu. You can find the environment similar to Malaysia with many customers using the free wifi in the café.

This is the first café I visited while visiting Korea for Incheon Asian Games this year. For more info on Caffe Pascucci, visit http://www.caffe-pascucci.co.kr/

This is not a sponsored post but the bill was paid by Samsung Korea.The trip is sponsored by Samsung Malaysia.

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