April 24, 2024


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Louvre Sunset Picture with Samsung NX-30

If you are seeing many pictures with the NX-30 logo on our social media platform such as Facebook Page and Instagram and even on our blogposts, it is actually the Samsung NX-30 Smart Camera.

samsung nx30

You can read more about the camera at: Samsung NX 30 First Impression

Before I went to Paris, I saw quite a number of beautiful sunset pictures of Louvre Museum and I planned to shoot my own sunset pictures.
paris louvre walking time lapse
I visited the museum earlier of the day and then I went there again for the sunset shoot.

I didn’t bring a “PRO” camera but my good old Samsung NX-30 camera and a mini tripod. I was probably the only guy with the Samsung camera on that evening with a mini tripod waiting for sunset. There were many Nikon and Canon DSLR users with huge tripod waiting for sunset and I had a little chat with them.

All the pictures are minor edited with level and contrast adjusted.

paris louvre sunset

ISO 100, f/20, 10 sec, 12mm


paris louvre night shot

ISO 100, f/18, 20 sec, 13mm
paris louvre night shot 2
ISO 100, f/18, 20 sec, 12mm

These are the top three shots of out of a dozen shots I’ve taken. I show the photographers and they were surprised I can captured these images with Samsung NX-30. The challenge is getting the best composition and also depends on the crowd near the area. Of course the weather plays a huge part.

I won’t say my photos are the best but at least I am proud and happy with it. What is the camera again?

Yes, it is Samsung NX-30 and it is still on sale in many camera shops in Malaysia and rest of the world. If you want a better camera, you can check out the new Samsung NX-1 camera.

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