May 31, 2023

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Namtok Ton Nga Chang (Elephant Tusk Falls) Songkhla

You visited Hatyai for one million times but I bet of a few of you all visited this waterfall. Namtok Ton Nga Chang (Elephant Tusk Falls) is located 26 kilometers away from the city. You need to self drive to visit this place.

Namtok Ton Nga Chang (Elephant Tusk Falls) is considered as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in South Thailand. Recently, I visited another one waterfall at Namtok Wang Sai Thong Waterfall Satun.

Please check to GPS coordinate for the exact location of the place. It is beside the main road and it is hidden by trees.

There are seven levels of the waterfalls so if you are adventurous, you can discover all seven.

From all seven levels of the waterfalls, the best part located on its third levels where the stream is separated into two akin to the elephant’s tusks which gives name to the waterfall. Treks also provided for more adventurous experience.

Please don’t wear flip flops. Wear something with good traction as it is slippery near waterfall areas. There are people who enjoys picnicking near waterfall but please do not litter and clean up your mess. Conserve the nature for a better future. Self drive in Thailand is easy, safe and fun.

Namtok Ton Nga Chang (Elephant Tusk Falls) Songkhla GPS Location and Address:

Namtok Ton Nga Chang Namtok Ton Nga Changton
Nga Chang wildlife Sanctuary, Amphoe Hat Yai,
Tel: 0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, 0 7424 3747
GPS: 6.939639, 100.256328

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