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Wat Khuad (Temple of Glass Bottles) Thailand

Wat Khuad or Temple of Glass Bottles is one of the most interesting temples in Thailand and in the world. The title says it all, temple of glass bottles.
wat kuat glass of temples wide shot
Wat Khuad is located in province Songkhla and finding the temple at first, wasn’t easy at all. I heard about this place through words of mouth and getting the actual name of this place tougher.
wat kuat glass of temples entrance

Many people visited this temple through tours or tag along from friends and almost none of them provided an accurate GPS location of this place. I took the trouble to locate this temple last year with my friends. To visit this place, you need to detour a bit from Bukit Kayu Hitam to Hatyai. The GPS Coordinate is: 6.8172749038830736, 100.65745503652228 and map is as below.
wat kuat glass of temples exit
It is located in the “jungle” so please use the GPS rather trying to smart your way there.

wat kuat glass of temples close up bottles
Everything is made from recycled glass bottles. There are thousands of glass bottles are recycled and used to build this temple.
wat kuat glass of temples fence wall
The entrance and the fencing are completely built with glass bottles.
wat kuat glass of temples toilet
Even the toilets are not spared. Yes, they are made from glass bottles.
wat kuat glass of temples roof
There are two prominent glass bottles colour here, brown and green.
wat kuat glass of temples interior
When I was there, there were not many people. I guess there are still many people doesn’t know about the presence of this temple.
wat kuat glass of temples wall
Admission is free of charge, you can walk around and take pictures. The people there are quite friendly.  I didn’t find any restaurants or food stall, so bring your own water.
wat kuat glass of temples stair and pillars
Wat Khuad is a proof of great method of recycling. Can’t imagine how long they build this and the man power involved. Stacking LEGO is easy but stacking recycle bottles glued and make it as a building is not an easy task. What an eye opener!

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Wat Khuad (Temple of Glass Bottles) GPS Coordinate:

GPS: 6.81850, 100.65532

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