November 29, 2023


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9 Reasons Why I Use KL Samurai Pocket Wifi in Taiwan

Recently, I visited Taipei with my family and I chose to rent a local Pocket Wifi from This is the second time I rent the pocket wifi after the rented the unit for my Korea trip earlier this year. Many people asked me why I prefer to use Pocket Wifi while traveling in Taiwan and here are the 9 reasons.

taiwan pocket wifi kl samurai


1. Convenient
The WIFI pocket is a small device and it can last half day with ongoing usage. I put in my bag and left it on. Once the power is out, I just plugged it with the power bank and it gets going again. It can last around 4 hours per continuous usage. It is definitely better than using WIFI hotspot option with smart phone as using WIFI hotspot will drain the smart phone battery faster.
2. Reliable
The WIFI pocket is very reliable in delivering 3G connections. Even though in subway, connections are still available.
If I would to do roaming with a certain mobile network, it could be weak in certain areas but the WIFI pocket is very reliable in this area.
s6 edge taipei street view

3. Unlimited Data Usage
The beauty of WIFI pocket is the unlimited data usage. I am sure when you do roaming with the mobile phone there is a limit cap to it. However for pocket WIFI, it is unlimited data usage. You do not need to worry about logging to sites like Youtube any more as it is unlimited. No more constant checking on data usage.
4. Multiple Connections
Like WIFI Hotspot, the WIFI Pocket can connect and sharing up to ten devices. Of course when you connect with ten devices, the speed of data will be slower. However that is the maximum users at once it can support.
5. No SIM Card
You do not need any sim card to run this Pocket WIFI. Just hit the power on button and wait for a couple of second and you are ready to go! You do not need to buy local sim card or use your own sim card. Don’t waste your time for it.
s6 edge taipei traffic
6. Simple to use
It is as easy as 1,2 and 3. Just click the power on button, let it receives the connection in seconds and connect the device from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop with WIFI connection and key in password provided. You do not need to go to setting to configure anything at all. So easy.
7. No deposit
The other good news in renting Pocket Wifi is there is no deposit. I remember once I had to pay so much in deposit and the refund took ages in other “rental services” overseas. Thus, no hassle as there are no deposit required.
8. Easy WIFI Pocket Pick Up
You do not need to queue for the device in the airport as there are three ways to collect.

1. KLIA Booth (24 hours daily) – You can pick up and drop at KLIA as they have booths in the airport.

2. FOC Delivery and Pick Up service (Only applicable to office address during office hour. Time & Date will not be specified)

3. KL Sentral HQ – Pick up or drop at their HQ at KL Sentral.
I enjoyed their FOC Delivery and Pick Up service beating the long queue and the inconvenience in the airport. Well, no complains on the good service.
9. Cheap
The WIFI pocket is only RM 15 per day for Taiwan and the roaming charges are usually above RM30. Please bear in mind the WIFI Pocket can be shared to multiple users so the cost is actually fraction of it.

For more information on the Pocket WIFI please visit their website at

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