December 3, 2023


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Simmo’s Ice Cream Mandurah Perth

Forget the mainstream ice cream brands if you are in Western Australia. There is only one brand most locals will recommend and that is Simmo’s Ice Cream. When I visited this beautiful state of Australia late last year, I was introduced to Simmo’s. I never heard of that brand while traveling in the southern states of Australia.

Before I go on with my splendid experience with the ice cream, the history of Simmo’s started in 1993 when a father and son team started off with an ancient Irish recipe with a little ice cream machine on Commonage Road in Dunsborough. I am not sure how many outlets they have now but there are over 60 flavours available at Simmo’s and they were voted as one of the top 15 Ice Creameries in the world by USA Today.
simmo's mandurah
I visited their Mandurah’s outlet at 73, Mandurah Terrace. I was at Western Australia as part of the media for Gourmet Adventure with Chef Wan in Western Australia.
simmo's flavours
I ordered a few flavours; chocolate and rum and raisin. The flavour is deep and rich for both flavours. You can tell from the colour of the ice cream.
simmo's ice cream chef wan
If you don’t believe me that Simmo’s is good, you can ask Chef Wan. From that expression from his face, you know it is good.

I always enjoy “home brand” ice cream like Simmo’s. They are usually really good and the flavours are more funky or unique. Like I mentioned, I like the richness of the flavours in their ice cream and I really hope they can bring it in to Malaysia one day.
simmo's ice cream chocolate
Simmo’s is definitely a hidden gem in Western Australia. They have quite a few outlets in Perth and Fremantle. The beauty of this Mandurah’s outlet is the beautiful scenery at the Mandurah Terrace. This is highly recommended so please go and try and share your thoughts on Simmo’s.
chef wan mandurah
Western Australia is a beautiful place to explore. The best way to travel around is via self drive. Self drive in Western Australia is fun, easy, safe and convenient. Rent a car in Perth and drive around at your leisure and you will discover many hidden gems!

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Simmo’s Mandurah Ice Creamery Address:

73 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah WA 6210, Australia

Phone:+61 8 9582 7177


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