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Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Ximending

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Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Ximending

Recently, I went to Taipei with my family for holiday. We stayed in Ximen Taipei at Riverview Hotel as they offered a family room good enough for four. You can read more at:

Staying in Ximen is convenient. The Ximen Train Station is just a couple minutes of walk and Ximending is one of the main attractions of Taipei. The last time I came here was at 1999 and now, it is different than it used to be.
ximending taipei
When it comes to Taipei, it is always the street food and you can find plenty in Ximending. They are in small shops rather than food stalls as it is illegal in Ximending.
Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Ximending store
If you don’t know where to start, I suggest you start to find the restaurant with the most people or with the long queue. That’s how I found Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle. The queue was long and it didn’t take us long to notice and a few bowls of beef noodles later.
Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Ximending
For a bowl of beef noodles with beef Tendon, Tripe and Shank, it is NT 100 (RM 11) and with 4 ingredients including beef slices, it will be NT 120 (RM 13) and the whole lot at NT 140 (RM 15). This is the latest pricing in 2015. It comes in a disposal bowl as they sell probably hundreds of beef noodles daily.

The taste of the beef noodles? I kind of liking it but my wife and her family loved it. I am never a beef noodle person so I guess their judgement is more important than mine. It comes with generous amount of beef Tendon, Tripe and Shank. I thought it is worth it with the price since they are so popular.

Of course this is commercialized and I am sure there are better ones. Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodles has gone franchise in other countries such as Canada but I am not sure whether they are related.

For a bowl of beef noodles for NT 100, it is no harm of trying and there are plenty other food available too in Ximending. Always don’t feed yourself as Taipei is a food haven.

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Chef Hung Taiwanese Beef Noodle Ximending Address, Contact and GPS:

No. 10, Emei St, Wanhua District

Taipei City, Taiwan 108

GPS: 25.043368, 121.507652

Phone: (02)23818006

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  1. A long queue or a place that smells good is always where I go to in Taiwan. Haven’t come across Chef Hung but I’ll have to check it out now.

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