January 29, 2023

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Sei Kee Café Claypot Brewed Coffee Macao

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Sei Kee Café Claypot Brewed Coffee Macao

Coffee is the trend now in Asia. Some people calling it the “waves” but it is undeniable the coffee culture is growing in Asia. Before the coffee revolution, Macau has its own story with coffee.

Established in 1965, Sei Kee Café opens its door and they have been serving a rather unique coffee. It is claypot brewed coffee. Coffee is brewed in claypot using charcoal fire and it has been a hidden gem for decades before the family decides to open more outlets for take away.

I didn’t manage to visit the original café which is located in between Portuguese buildings on Largo Santo Agostinho Street next to St. Austin’s Church. Instead, I visited their new take away outlet at Rua Do Cunha next to the taxi stand at Largo Sanches Miranda.


I went there for dinner so the hot brewed coffee was sold out and left the cold bottle ones. If not mistaken it is MOP 8 for one bottle.

How is the taste of the coffee? Well, it is not sweet and strong in flavour and it is very enjoyable. I don’t mind having another bottle of the claypot brewed coffee.

This is definitely worth trying especially you are at the Rua Do Cunha area.

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