February 23, 2024


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MAB Malaysia Airlines New Company Name

#todayishere and Malaysia Airlines officially changes its name from Malaysia Airlines System Berhad to Malaysia Airlines Berhad. This marks the new era of Malaysia Airlines with CEO Christoph Mueller and the new company.

mab today is here



Since yesterday night, MAB CEO Christoph Mueller was in KLIA shaking hands and sending off the last passengers of MAS and also welcomed the crews and passengers of MAB. This is a historical event for Malaysia Airlines as decades history of long MAS are long gone and rebirth as MAB.

mab ceo christoph mueller welcome crews

The change of company name will affect customers and especially for those who booked their Malaysia Airlines tickets. Thus, Malaysia Airlines will have the MATTA Fair 2015 sale coming soon and stay tuned with their offers.

The assets of the old Malaysia Airline Systems (MAS) were bought by Malaysian sovereign wealth fund Khazanah last year for $1.6 billion and CEO Christoph Mueller is hired to run the new MAB. He is the first foreign CEO to run the national carrier. His portfolio includes turning around underperforming airlines such as Ireland’s Aer Lingus and Belgian’s Sabena.
malaysia airlines large

MAB of Malaysia Airlines Berhad starts operations today as 1st September 2015 and it officially starts a new era of Malaysia Airlines. #todayishere and we wished Malaysia Airlines all the best and keep flying high.

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