September 23, 2021

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  1. Shopping

This is the most important reason of all. Shopping!

There are plenty to shop for Malaysians. Most people come here to shop for clothes, medicines, food as well as bras. Yes, many female travellers will come to Hatyai to buy bras to be specific Wacoal Bras. There are cheaper than Malaysia.

hatyai asean night market

Clothes are everywhere, in shopping mall or by the road side or the shops in the city. Families can be seen walking from one shop to another to shop for clothes. Odeon Shopping Mall was one of the first few malls in the city but now there is Lee Garden Shopping Mall and the new high end Central Festival Shopping Mall.


hatyai central festival mallThere are a few local Thai medicines are cheaper especially the “oilments” and things like shampoos, body wash and other beauty products are cheaper too as they are produced in Thailand.

There are also tourists who love Boots Pharmacy as they are not available in Malaysia.

For food, there is a huge variety of Thai rice but you can only bring limited quantity and also cashew nuts, another popular food to bring back.

Lastly, there are also many Malaysians love to buy Zebra brand products and such as well as gold.


  1. Affordable

It is undeniable that many Malaysians travel to Hatyai because it is affordable. You can find hotel rooms within your budget as well as affordable food in food stalls or restaurants.

In general, many things in Hatyai are still affordable such as food, massage and shopping. You can shop till you drop and you can really spend like a king in Hatyai.

lee garden night

That’s why there are many Malaysians prefer to spend their weekends in Hatyai especially for those who lives in the Northern states of Peninsula Malaysia. You can bring your family for holiday in Hatyai without burning a hole in your wallet.



  1. Thai Experience

Traveling to Hatyai Thailand means you travel abroad for Malaysians. Many Malaysians want to have their Passport stamped as well as enjoying the Thai experience.

What is the Thai Experience?

In general, you get the best in hospitality as well as meeting friendly Thais in Thailand.

Phra Phutthamongkol Maharaj Golden Buddha big statue

Toilets in Thailand are always clean and most Thais do not litter around. In general, most Thais are polite and you get the best service even you are dining at roadside restaurant or while ordering from a food stall.

thai experience

Lastly, you can see many Thais often greet you with smile, with their hands closed together and a small bow. That’s why Thailand is called the Land of Smiles and if you have not been Thailand before, time to make your way to Discover Thailand.



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