May 20, 2024


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Banana Beach Phuket

Phuket is one of the top tourist destinations in Asia. You often see beaches packed with locals and tourists. However, according, there are many hidden or quiet beaches on the island. Thus, we rent a car and went looking for these quiet beaches.

banana beach phuket

The Banana Beach is located on the north east of the island, south of Naithon Beach and Phuket International Airport. It is quite convenient to drive here and there resorts nearby here too.

banana beach road phuket

The beach is quite hard to find and that’s why we included the GPS coordinate. You have to park on the main road and slowly walk down the cliff and you will see the beach.

banana beach entrance slope

It is hidden from the main road by the trees but what you discover is quite an empty beach. We saw a few couples chilling as well some locals here too.

banana beach phuket view

This is like what you read from novel, a hidden beach from the world. It is so close and yet so far. It is probably 100m away from the main road but not many people notice that there is a serene beach down there.

banana beach phuket rocks

The reason it is called the Banana Beach as the beach stretched like a banana if you look at the google map. We are not sure who named it such way but not many people know about this place.

banana beach phuket map


You don’t get the commercial presence like Patong or Kata Beach here or anywhere nearby. There are no shops here at all so bring your water, snacks, towels and your sun tans.

Since it is pretty quiet here, we advise to come in group and try not to bring expensive belonging here. I know in general Phuket is a very safe place but we still believe prevention better than cure.

banana beach sand

We still have four to five quiet and hidden beaches to recommend and will compile them together. Some of the hidden beaches recommended are not practical and some are not good for swimming. Thanks for reading and remember to visit our site for more stories.

Banana Beach Map and GPS Coordinate:

GPS: 8.041633333333333, 98.2769166

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  1. Haven’t really been to this part of phuket but it does look rather serene and nice. Absolutely love all these types of hidden gems 🙂

  2. Oh wow! Never heard of this before! But looks nice and wish I know more of hidden beaches when I was in Phuket last time.

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