May 31, 2023

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Updated 1/6/2017: Lepaq Lepaq is no longer in operation, they closed down some time ago.

Lepaq Lepaq Jalan Ceylon

There is one picture which caught our attention recently in Facebook. It is the Rainy Day Coffee from Lepaq Lepaq in Jalan Ceylon. It looks like a gigantic cloud on top of the coffee.

So apparently this is a new restaurant in Jalan Ceylon or Ceylon Road near Ceylon Hill. It is a two storey bungalow converted restaurant. Somehow the Google Map brought me to the hill while the restaurant is on the main road. You have been warned.

Lepaq Lepaq at Jalan Ceylon

This is the building and there are parking spaces in front and at the back of the restaurant. The seating is on the second floor while the first floor is the bakery and the open kitchen.

The restaurant is beautifully designed, gray in colour and it is spacious and the crowd is still manageable. There were many youngsters in the restaurant and ordered the same Rainy Day Coffee we saw from Facebook. Social media is real, Facebook do brings in customer.

There is a smoking section and non smoking section. The non smoking section comes with the green view of the Ceylon Hill’s last couple of trees. It is a breath taking nonetheless and it is hard to believe you still can find view like this in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Rainy Day Coffee at Lepaq Lepaq

I ordered the same Rainy Day Coffee (RM 13) like the rest. It is hard to subdue my “kiasu-ness” as I drove all my way here for that Rainy Day Coffee.

It is a piece of art you ask me.

The Rainy Day Coffee comes with a huge cotton candy ball on top of the coffee. I have forgotten what you can the thing to hold the cotton ball on top of the coffee as I used to play it during my science classes.

The cotton candy ball looks like a huge cloud on top of the coffee. The heat of the coffee will melt the cotton candy and it will drips into the coffee.

The process takes quite a while but you won’t mind looking at the drip like snow falling down from the tree.  The coffee is slightly acidic for my liking but I love the gimmick.

Nasi Lemak CheeseCake in Lepaq Lepaq

While waiting for the cotton candy to melt, I also ordered their signature Nasi Lemak Cheesecake. You read it right, it is Nasi Lemak Cheesecake (RM 15). This is one of the most unique cheesecakes I ever tasted. They called it nasi lemak because it tastes like nasi lemak. This cake is made off cheese, glutinous rice and peanuts, cucumber gelatin and topped it with deep fried anchovies and sambal with base of biscuits. The taste of the cheese is quite subtle. You can find different textures in this cake, such as the glutinous rice and the crunchy peanuts and deep fried anchovies and the sambal gives a little kick in the taste palette. I enjoyed it actually and I thought it was a brilliant creation.

We will come back for their food for sure. Don’t have high expectation on the taste of the Rainy Day Coffee, just enjoy the show. Nasi Lemak Cheesecake is definitely a must order. Do comment if you have any opinions on this place. Thank you.

*Pictures are taken with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Lepaq Lepaq Address, Contact and GPS Coordinate:

Lot 687, Jalan Ceylon, Kuala Lumpur. (Same road with Bijan, Regency Tower & Lanson Place)

Telephone and Contact: None so far

GPS: 3.147870, 101.703990

24 thoughts on “Lepaq Lepaq Jalan Ceylon

  1. looks like i should try their nasi lemak cheesecake too since Wilson said it’s good 😛 😛 but it’s kinda far from my place

  2. Lousy and slow service. Ordered for half an hour then the waiter comes and tell us kitchen close at 1PM and that our order did not make it. And then, tada, it’s served on the table.

    By 1PM, no more rainy day coffee or rainy day chocolate. The waiter is not attentive enough.
    We waited at the table without knowing what has ordered and what is not, until the bills come.

    They told us that there is no more rainy coffee or chocolate but other table that comes later than us, they manage to order that.

    Total disaster, would suggest not to come here on public holidays or weekend.

  3. Hi Akanqi,

    Thanks for your comment. I was lucky as the restaurant was empty at that time. How can the kitchen is closed at 1PM? Gosh! Bad service.

  4. flying there now! those two are my favourite: rainy day coffee (love the presentation) and what?! nasi lemak cheese cake! this is too creative not to miss!

  5. nice place to dine and enjoy. No go this place yet, nice to know your pics taken using Samsung. Hehe.. I also like to use Samsung to take pics.

  6. The cotton candy look so nicee. And its so good to know that there are smoking and non smoking section. And I definitely love the view from non smoking section. Love it!

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