February 5, 2023

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Michelin Announces Singapore Michelin Guide 2016

At last, food and restaurants in Singapore will get proper recognition as the country will get their first Michelin Guide in 2016. The announcement was made in Singapore on Nov 30 and their guide inspectors will arrive in the country soon to check out the city’s dining scene.

The Michelin mascot at the Singapore The Michelin Guide event in Singapore.

This is the first Michelin Guide in Southeast Asian countries and Singapore will be the first to have their own guide and first ever list of Michelin hotels and restaurants.

The Michelin Guide is available in around 25 countries and the initial purpose of the guide is to encourage drivers to drive around for food in the early 1900s. Now, the Michelin Guide is a benchmark for fine dining restaurants.

Recently, The Michelin Guide also rated the street food of Hong Kong and Macau for the first time ever. It is unsure whether the Singapore Michelin Guide will include street food in part of their list.

According to our sources, the guide inspectors will be a mixture of European and Asian inspectors. Thus, the Singapore Michelin Guide is expected to be completed in second half or third quarter of 2016.

The Michelin regional team.

This is an exciting times for Singapore as their top restaurants are getting the best recognition. Thus, this is also a boost for tourism as it will attract many food lovers as they will seek for the best food in the city.

So now, time to do some speculations.

I have contacted Catherine Ling, a famous and prominent Singapore food writer and blogger of Camemberu.com on her picks for Singapore’s first Michelin Guide. Her articles have appeared on CNNgo (now CNN Travel), Yahoo Makanation and Makansutra.

Her Top 10 picks are:

  1. Andre Chiang
  2. Waku Ghin
  3. Mikuni
  4. Jiang Nan Chun – Four Seasons
  5. Odette
  6. Joel Robuchon
  7. Crystal Jade Golden Palace
  8. Shinji by Kanesaka
  9. Imperial Treasure
  10. Les Amis

We have no preferences in any restaurants in Singapore as we have not been visiting the city for two years. Maybe it is time for us to revisit the country after the launch of Singapore Michelin Guide 2016.

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