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Crab Hut Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya

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Crab Hut Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya

This restaurant is CLOSED for good.

Remember Crab Factory in SS2? We went there two years ago and we were amazed by their concept as well as their food. Thus, we wrote a review on the restaurant.

Just a few months ago, we got to know the same owner opened a new restaurant in Shaftsbury Square in Cyberjaya. It is called Crab Hut and the best part it will be a HALAL restaurant.

The Shaftsbury Square is a new complex with many food and beverages outlets. It is located in Persiaran Multimedia and there are quite a number of restaurants in this complex.

Crab Hut is located on 2nd floor at P2-25 in Shaftsbury Square facing the main road. You can see their sign board from the main road and you can park in front of the complex or at the multi level parking complex at the back.

The restaurant is fully air conditioned and the interior is similar to Crab Factory in SS2. It comes with long tables and benches and it can accommodate quite a number of customers. Thus, Crab Hut authentic Louisiana Boil cuisine which is quite rare in Malaysia. In addition, the beauty of dining in Crab Hut is their range of variety of live seafood. You can find seafood like Yabbies, Japanese clams, French Brown Crab, Spanner Crabs, Freshwater Prawns and more.

For starters, we had garlic fried squid tentacles and fried enoki mushrooms.

The garlic fried squid tentacles

The garlic fried squid tentacles is the answer to fried calamari rings. You can find fried squid tentacles but many tend to over fried it. Thus, Crab Hut’s version is deep fried to perfection, the texture is still tender and we love the hints of the garlic.


Fried oyster mushroom

We love fried oyster mushroom. It is easily available in night markets or pasar malam in Malaysia. In Crab Hut, they deep fried another type of mushroom, the enoki mushroom. We often use enoki mushroom for soup or for stew dishes. Thus, the deep fried enoki mushroom is crunchy and addictive.


French Brown Crab with Mild Jamba-Jamba Sauce

The dinner was a seafood feast. We started the main dishes with French Brown Crab with Mild Jamba-Jamba Sauce. The XXL Brown Crab is imported from France and it comes with mild Jamba-Jamba sauce. The sauce is mild spicy and originated from America. Since it is authentic Louisiana Boil, it is cooked in plastic bag and poured it on the table covered with plastic. You have to use your hands to eat, no cutleries. Hence, there are plastic gloves provided or you can go naked with your hands.

We got lucky as the Brown Crab comes with heaps of eggs. The meat is fresh and juicy and you can taste the quality of the French Brown Crab. This definitely a must for crab lovers and remember to pick the sauce of your choice.


Red Lobster-M 2 in Signature Southern Bang Sauce Mild Spiciness.

Red Lobster-M 2 in Signature Southern Bang Sauce Mild Spiciness. This is real Red Lobsters and they are currently having Monthly Crazy Bag Promo until end of February 2016. Two pieces of Red Lobster (est 800 grams) at RM 155++ only.

The size of the Red Lobster is reasonably large and the Southern Bang Sauce Mild Spiciness is a great combination. Remember, you can choose the sauce of your choice.

Meat Crab-M in Garlic Butter Sauce

Meat Crab-M in Garlic Butter Sauce. This sauce is not spicy and the meat crab is fresh and tasty. This is the second crab dish of the night and even though this is as big as Brown Crab, this is fresh, tasty and juicy. Another type of crabs you can order in Crab Hut.

Spanner Crab & Mussels in Assam Pedas Sauce.

Spanner Crabs are not popular in Malaysia but they are in parts of Asia and Australia. It is one type of crabs and the meat is juicy despite its outlook. On top of authentic Louisiana flavours, Crab Hut also offers local flavours such as Assam Pedas sauce. You might try Assam Pedas fish dishes but it is better with crabs. Something you should consider while ordering your seafood here.

Freshwater Prawns & White Prawns in Spicy Plum Sauce

We love freshwater prawns especially Sang Har Noodles. You get reasonably freshwater prawns and also white prawns in spicy plum sauce. The sauce is sweet and spicy and we loved this very much.

Japanese Clams

The Japanese Clams is similar to our “la la” but the size of it is slightly larger. The beauty of this Japanese clams are the meat is larger and tastier. It is hard to find these Japanese clams in Malaysia. Thus, this is something you should order when you in Crab Hut as you won’t regret it.

Fish and Chips

For the junior, Crab Hut offers fish and chips with fries. Deep fried battered fish with fries comes with tartar sauce.

If you want to visit them for lunch, currently they offer four types of lunch sets.

Baby Octopus Lunch Tray
Salmon Lunch Tray
Prawns Lunch Tray
Chicken Chamalla Lunch Tray

Thus, if you want to have great deal dining in Crab Hut, use our promo code and get 10% off of your food only. Promo excludes other offers and promotions. Save this image and flash to them to get your 10% discount.

What we like about Crab Hut is the variety of seafood available and most of them are fresh. Thus, we believe in paying in quality food especially the seafood available in Crab Hut. Remember to use our promo codes for the 10% off from your food billing. This place is definitely a must visit for those who stays in Cyberjaya and Putrajaya.


Crab Hut Asia Address, Contact and GPS Coordinates:


Shaftsbury Square,

Persiaran Multimedia,


GPS Coordinate: 2.923386, 101.661136



crab hut shaftsbury cyberjaya

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  1. your photos make me crave for crab, all the dishes look so yummy. Why do they need to cook the crab in plastic bag? Is it only for certain flavour?

  2. Oohhh I love crabs. Unfortunately, my stomach can’t handle too much of it! I always end up just looking at my friends polish off their plates.

  3. I have been meaning to check out that Shaftsbury Square for a bakery I think… and now you come out with this??? I really have to check it out the next time I go to Putrajaya for my mom’s medical check up… the food looks really good….

  4. The crabs look so delicious! I love these stone crabs! Yes, maybe the meat is not as tender as the mud crabs we get in asia but the size makes up for it.

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