May 31, 2023

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Oga Ninomegata Lake Japan

Oga is the name you seldom hear when you travel to Japan. It is a coastal town in Akita prefecture popular with its legend of Namahage as well as dish such as Ishiyaki Ryori. On our recent trip to this coastal town, we went to Hachiboudai observatory which is located about 2.5 km south of Oga Hot Spring Resort.

You can view the Toga Bay, the Japan Sea and the beautiful Ninomegata Lake. The lake is a maar lake and one of the many maar lakes in the world.

What is Maar?

Maar is a broad, low-relief volcanic crater created by an explosion when groundwater comes into contact with hot lava or magma. The result is a shallow crater lake and it happened thousands of years.

The Toga Bay, Ninomegata Lake and Lake Ichinomegata (not pictured but in Oga too) are Maar.

We were spending half an hour appreciating the view of the lake as well as the cool breeze of the wind from Toga Bay. If we have more time, we hope to have a cup of coffee and enjoy this breath taking view.

Traveling to unpopular places like Oga and Akita in Japan showed us a totally unfamiliar landscape and scenery. Even though the towns here are not as vibrant or commercialized like the popular cities, you find comfort and peace for a true holiday. We don’t mind coming back again.

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  1. Such an informative post about a lesser known (to me) destination in Japan. I’m definitely bookmarking this for future reference.

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