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3 Things You Should Know about #PunyaAspirasi Video

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3 Things You Should Know about  #PunyaAspirasi Video

#PunyaAspirasi Video is Malaysia Airlines latest video on Youtube. If you have not watched it yet, don’t worry, you can watch the video here. We are big fans of Malaysia Airlines Youtube videos and some of our favourites include Blessings and Fitrah.

punya aspirasi

1.What is #PunyaAspirasi

#PunyaAspirasi or Punya Aspirasi is in Malay and it means “have passion”. Yes, it is quite obvious in the video, you can see many passions.

2.Not just another Youtube Video

Unlike other airlines that are focussing on creating unique ‘safety videos’, Malaysia Airlines have been creating many Malaysian content videos with substance. For #PunyaAspirasi, it is another heart-warming story about the staffs of Malaysia Airlines and their hidden passions.

3.Talented Malaysia Airlines staffs

Unlike previous videos, this time Malaysia Airlines look into their staffs for talents. Yes, and they found plenty. In Malaysia Airlines, there are still many passionate staffs who loves their job and also have hidden passions too.

#PunyaAspirasi shows not just hidden talents of their staffs but also encourages and support these dreams. Watch the video below and enjoy it.

It is the sole passion of Malaysia Airlines to connect people from around the world – Intentionally doing so to bring you one step closer to the places and people that could help get you where you want to be.

With that, we would also like to highlight the great deals Malaysia Airlines has to offer during the MATTA Fair 2016! You can check out the deals online with their Deals of The Day on Malaysia Airlines’ website by clicking this link.

We hope to see more awesome videos by Malaysia Airlines. Thank you for the video and as it reminds us to keep our dreams to blog and travel too. Punya Aspirasi.


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  1. definitely an aspiring video, I guess, and I like Fazura… she is a lovely lady…. look forward to more great videos from Malaysian Airlines and the other airlines too

  2. It is an inspiration video to all the bloggers and travellers. Hope Malaysia Airlines will give an affordable rate for all to fly now.

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